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Guangzhou Evergrande recently entered the Suzhou Division. This time there are three new faces in the Evergrande team. Cannavaro decided to recruit 2 16-year-olds and 1 15-year-old players to the first team, and 15-year-old Li Xingxian also became the youngest player to enter the Evergrande first team, setting a record.


Regarding Evergrande’s practice, Shanghai media "Shangguan News" published a comment, criticizing Evergrande’s practice of not having the qualifications to play and only advertising for the football school’s publicity, as well as bad influences such as de-emphasizing. Questions from the outside world, i亚搏官网app登录s it wrong to train and promote young players? Still need to consider so many additional off-site factors? There are indeed too many "conspiracy theories".


"Shangguan News" stated that the three teenagers who were promoted can only be used 亚搏官网app登录as vases in the second stage, just to promote the Evergrande football school.


It is important to know that in the next month, it is very important for these three teenagers. They will not only appear on the bench, but will also train, live and chat with the players of the first team, and receive the training of the first team. , This is a very rare opportunity for the three U16 players at this stage, so from the perspective of small players, this is a rare opportunity.

重要的是要知道,在下个月,这对于这三个少年非常重要。他们不仅会出现在替补席上,还将与一线队的球员进行训练,生活和聊天,并接受一线队的训练。 ,对于现阶段的三名U16球员来说,这是一个非常难得的机会,因此从小型球员的角度来看,这是一个难得的机会。

In fact, Evergrande really doesn’t need to promote its own football school. Since its establishment in 2012, Evergrande football school is already the largest football school in Asia. Later training facilities, Spanish professional foreign teachers, cooperation with Real Madrid, and investment of billions All the outsiders, not even the fans, know that Evergrande Football School is a formal, professional and the best football school in China. Even the five U21 football players who were selected for the first team in the first stage have appeared in key games.


In fact, if Evergrande really wants to promote the first team by selecting the young players of the football school, the World Cup champion captain, the Golden Globe Award, the world footballer and his professional team will be selected after the inspection, which also proves that the Evergrande football school The results of youth training at the same time prove that Chinese football schools have the ability and strength to train young players recognized by world champions. This is a good thing in itself and it is worth letting more people know so that more Chinese children can choose the path of football. Do you need "covered propaganda" like the Shanghai media said?


"Shangguan News" also commented that the 15-year-old and the two 16-year-olds went to the first team to encourage them: "Because the training level and confrontation ability are not enough, it is easy to get a higher load and higher intensity all at once. Injury and even life-threatening."


Such a statement is even more unreasonable. For example, Shanghai SIPG recruited the 16-year-old Jia Boyan in the first stage. There is no such thing as the Shanghai media's lack of training intensity for young players and the first team. Jia Boyan In the subsequent Chinese Super League debut, the Shanghai SIPG first team's youngest debut record was created.


At the same time, Cannavaro recruited these 15-year-old and 16-year-old teenagers. He must have seen their shining points. Among the young players promoted to the first team this time, Cannavaro especially liked Li Xingxian for his clear thinking and reasonable running position. Handle the ball calmly. Wan Likai's left foot is skillful, his style is tough, and his running ability is very strong. This also shows that Cannavaro has seen what they are in line with the first team. It is not at all that they are not able to reach the level of "extracting and promoting". .

同时,卡纳瓦罗(Cannavaro)招募了这些15岁和16岁的青少年。他一定已经看过他们的亮点。在这次晋升为一线队的年轻球员中,卡纳瓦罗特别喜欢李兴贤的思路清晰,跑位合理。冷静处理球。万里凯的左脚技术娴熟,风格坚韧,奔跑能力很强。这也表明卡纳瓦罗已经看到了他们与一线队的一致。他们根本无法达到“提取和促进亚搏体育app网页”的水平。 。

We must know that only in China, we see U23 players still call them teenagers. There are too many foreign players around 18 years old. Maradona was already there when he was less than 16. The top league is here. Like Mbappe, he has already shined in the Champions League when he was less than 18.

我们必须知道,仅在中国,我们看到U23球员仍然称他们为青少年。 18岁左右的外国球员太多了。马拉多纳不到16岁时就已经在那儿了。顶级联赛就在这里。像姆巴佩一样,他不到18岁时就已经在冠军联赛中大放异彩。

There are also some similar to the Evergrande football school. Barcelona youngster Fati was recruited to the first team when he was 16 years old. He was also one of the few highlights of Barcelona last season. After that, he did not appear like the "Shangguan News" mentioned. The young players can't keep up with the training intensity and rhythm of the first team. Instead, they broke out continuously in the Barcelona and Spain teams and exercised themselves well. Now they are worth nearly 100 million euros.


Also, in the first year of the 2004 Super League, Huang Bowen, who was only 16 years old and 317 days old, scored his career debut on behalf of Guoan, creating the record of the youngest appearance and goal scorer in the Super League. He is still an important part of Chinese football.


It can be seen that both at home and abroad, there are many cases of 16-year-olds entering the first team from youth training, so the Shanghai media's advertising and promotion of seedlings can not be described as "nonsense".


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