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In the first round of the 2020-21 CBA League regular season, the Guangsha Men's Basketball Team beat the Shanghai Men's Basketball Team 122-94 and made a good start. In this campaign, Guangsha new aid Feng Xin was sent off for physical and technical fouls. He is also the first player to be expelled from the CBA new season. According to the rules, the next round of competition will be automatically suspended. To be honest, the referee did not have any major problems with Feng Xin’s two penalties, and they were in compliance with the regulations. However, in terms of the scale of the game, they seemed a little cautious. In this campaign, Guangsha had a total of 30 fouls. Including 5 technical fouls and 2 physical fouls, several Ts are dispensable, and Shanghai is not much better, with 31 fouls in the audience.

在2020-21 CBA联赛常规赛的第一轮比赛中,广厦男篮击败上海男篮122-94,并取得了良好的开端。在这次战役中,广厦新援冯欣因身体和技术犯规被罚下场。他还是CBA新赛季被开除的第一位球员。根据规定,下一轮比赛将自动暂停。老实说,裁判对丰欣的两项处罚没有重大问题,并且符合相关规定。但是,就游戏规模而言,他们似乎有些谨慎。在这次战役中,广厦总共犯规30次。包括5个技术犯规和2个身体犯规,可以不使用多个T,而上海的表现也不差很多,全场有31个犯规。

Let’s first look at the two fouls that led to Feng Xin being sent off. When the game was about 9 minutes 55 seconds left in the second quarter, the Guangsha men’s basketball team missed the offense. After Shanghai player Wang Tong got the rebound. Pushing the counterattack, Feng Xin tried to delay the attack of the Shanghai team. He clung to Wang Tong and took the ball with his left hand. Unexpectedly, he hit Wang Tong's right eyelid. The latter fell to the ground in pain, and the referee beside him was very decisive. The whistleblower was punished for violations. Feng Xin didn't stop this action, it was not intentional, but it caused亚搏体育app网页 damage to the player and touched the opponent's face. There was no problem with the violation. After Wang Tong lay on the gr亚搏体育app网页ound for five or six seconds, he sat up and executed two free throws.


In the first 25 seconds of the fourth quarter, the Shanghai Men’s Basketball team organized an offense. Feng Xin defended Fredette, and Luo Xudong did a pick-and-roll. When Feng Xin wanted to bypass Luo Xudong, the two had a physical contact. Xin flew out of the sideline in an exaggerated manner, b亚亚搏官网app登录搏官网app登录ut did not fall to the ground and was ready to return to defend. After three seconds, the referee suddenly blew Feng Xin a technical foul, thinking that he was a flop. To be honest, this call is a bit far-fetched. If Luo Xudong is not called to cover the foul, then it will be a normal physical contact. Moreover, Feng Xin lost his balance after being hit and almost fell staggered, but he was soon ready to return. Defense.


This season, it is true that the flopping is relatively strict, but the referee only sounded the whistle after three seconds, and he was not sure whether to blow it or not. Feng Xin was really wronged. In the end, Feng Xin accumulated physical and technical fouls and was expelled from the field. When he left the field, Feng Xin not only did not get angry, but also walked out with a smile on his face. He really wanted to laugh at the referee's penalty. Before leaving the field, Feng Xin played 17 minutes off the bench, making 2 of 5 shots, 1 of 3 points, 5 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist, and 4 fouls. In addition to Feng Xin, other players in Guangsha were also frequently sounded. At about 6 minutes and 40 seconds left in the third quarter, the Shanghai team was unable to deliver the ball. Guangsha coach Li Chunjiang stood up and reminded the referee. Blew a technical foul.


Afterwards, Li Chunjiang reluctantly continued to use his feet to test forward, without speaking, complaining to the technical representative and referee, for fear of another technical foul. There was also a technical foul after Sun Minghui scored against a layup. Of course, this is not to say that the referee was targeting Guangsha. The Shanghai team was also blew 31 fouls. The referee’s whistle was a bit loud too often. The referee strictly cracked down on flops and violations, paid attention to the authority of the referee, and prevented coaches and players from shouting. Call, this is okay, but the frequent whistle cuts the game to pieces, and there is no appreciation at all. It’s not like this game, it’s also the same for other games. It’s been set from the beginning of the new season. Is it good? Absolutely not good. Players foul as soon as they touch them. They are used to such a scale and will not adapt to the high-intensity confrontation in the world arena.


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