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On Wednesday, the results of the no-confidence vote against Bartomeu were released. The number of valid signatures reached 18090, far exceeding the stipulated 16,520, which means that Barcelona must hold an impeachment vote. Despite the possibility of being impeached and stepping down, the "Daily Sports" revealed that Bartomeu still has not decided whether to resign, and the current trend is not to resign, but to wait for the result of the impeachment vote.


According to regulations, the Barcelona board of directors must hold an impeachment vote within 20 days after determining that the result of the no-confidence vote is valid. The media generally believe that Bartomeu would choose to resign before voting to avoid becoming the first chairman to be impeached and stepped down in the history of Barcelona.


However, Spanish TV three revealed on Wednesday that despite considering the possibility of resignation, Bartomeu currently believes that he should stay and wait for the result of the impeachment vote. Next Tuesday or Wednesday, Barcelona will hold a board meeting. At present, at least three board members believe that Bartomeu should voluntarily resign. They are putting pressure on Bartomeu, believing that 亚搏官网app登录Bartomeu’s voluntary resignation will give the image of the individual and the club. Will not be harmed.


At present, Bartomeu is still weighing the pros and cons between resigning voluntarily and continuing to serve as chairman but may encounter impeachment. Although he encountered various crises before taking office, especially in the past six months, Bartomeu has always believed that he should serve as chairman until the end of his term. He believes this is in the best interests of the club and the board.


"Daily Sports" revealed that when deciding whether to resign, Bartomeu mainly considered two major factors: one is the performance of the transfer market, he believes that he has achieved the goal of cleaning the locker room and upgrading; The second is whether the club will allow its members to vote twice in just three months after the club亚搏体育app网页’s finances are affected by the epidemic.


If Bartomeu is impeached and dismissed from get out of class, then before the presidential election in March 2020, Barcelona will be managed by the management committee, and their decision-making power is limited, which will prevent Barcelona from signing in the winter window, and will also lead to the club. There may be even greater losses. Bartomeu believes that it is still possible for him to avoid the fate of impeachment and step down, so he insists on the election of the chairman.


However, the media have urged Bartomeu to resign. "Daily Sports" reporter Fulci pointed out that Bartomeu and his board have the power to stay and force the club to vote twice within three months (impeachment vote and chairman election). However, even if he decides not to voluntarily resign, his cycle is over.

但是,媒体敦促巴托梅乌辞职。 《每日体育报》记者富尔奇指出,巴托梅和他的董事会有权留下并强迫俱乐部在三个月内两次投票(弹each投票和董事长选举)。但是,即使他决定不自愿辞职,他的周期也结束了。

Folci pointed out that during Bartomeu’s chairmanship, he had fired three coaches, five technical secretaries and ten managers. This is like a car speeding on a highway. Although the doors, windows, and even the wheels are missing, Bartomeu is still unwilling to stop to see what's wrong.


When analyzing the reasons for Barcelona’s crisis, Folch pointed out that Barcelona’s crisis is neither institutional, nor economic, competitive or reputational, but crises at all levels. They are intertwined and intertwined. Together, it forms a vicious circle that is more dangerous every day. The results of this no-confidence vote have shown that club members hope to usher in change and also hope that Bartomeu will leave the chairmanship.


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