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Hello everyone, this is Spring and Autumn, (●'◡'●)


The National Day holiday also started as desired, and the UEFA Champions League group stage also completed the group draw ceremony in the much-anticipated.


The Colts were assigned to Group B as the fourth team, and the opponents in the same group include European hegemony Real Madrid, Apennines Big Mac Inter Milan, and Ukrainian hero Shakhtar Donetsk. Now I will start from the perspective of the little pony and talk about my views on this group stage.


In general, this sign cannot be said to be a good sign, and it is somewhat similar to the last draw in the Champions League. And compared to the group H (Paris, Manchester United, Leipzig, Constantine...Istanbul) that understands Qiu Di believes that it is the group of death, I am more convinced that the group B of Borussia can be called "death". In this group, although the two giants have the best hard power, Borussia and Miners have their own football styles, and they are both top teams in their respective countries. Real Madrid and Inter Milan still have to chew these two hard bones. A lot of effort.


I have already said in my own season preview that it is difficult for the team’s lineup and strength to make a difference in the strong Champions League, so I believe the team’s view of the European war is similar to mine. Entering the Champions League only for the Champions League bonus and broadcast share. To put it simply, it is for money. Playing a game is more like a performance that has to be performed in order to get money. Therefore, I am personally not optimistic about the team's European war prospects. Being out of the group should be the most rational view.


Although this is the case, the team, as a veteran powerhouse in Germany that has passed by ancestors, must still have enthusiasm and desire for the Champions League from top to bottom, and I am also convinced that the team is competing with Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and Miners. When a powerful team collides, the team will use their lives and take every game seriously. What the team needs to do is to seize this opportunity that has attracted the attention of the world, prove themselves in the European arena, and play their own football style.


To put it simply, we may be hard-powered and the size of the club is not as good as Real Madrid and Inter Milan, but our results last season were actually played out. We also have our own tactical system, and we can also play gorgeous offensive football. Maybe, when we are in good condition, can we burst out a few unpopularities? Especially in the case of sitting on the home court advantage, it is not impossible for other teams to take a bit more effort to break the Prussia Park.


(16/17 season, Champions League group stage, Borussia 1:2 Barcelona)


In fact, in recent years, Mönchengladbach’s performance in the Champions League has been unsatisfactory. The last time the Colts reached the Champions League match was in the 16/17 season, when they were assigned to Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, and Celtics. It is worth mentioning that at home, we lost to Barcelona and Manchester City with the 亚搏官网app登录same score. Going forward, we also tied Juventus 0:0 away.


In the end, I am also here to condemn the fans who have a rhythm and lead the battle. Respect is mutual. You can look down on this team, but this behavior will only make the result even more unexpected. Watching football is just for fun, there is no need to lose your character for your own refreshment, and also make others feel resentful.


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