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source: Chang将daily - 长江.com



   Looking back over the past two months, the legendary captain of Wuhan Zall has had a hard time. From the vigorously waving the battle flag at the team's expedition ceremony on July 18, to the inexplicable "tactical adjustment" in the Suzhou Division, it was not until the last two games (the first stage of the Chinese Super League) that they were given the chance to debut... October 10th, Yao Hanlin In an interview with the Changjiang Daily-Changjiang Net reporter, said: "I cherish every minute of wearing my hometown jersey. This time we go to Dalian, we will definitely show the tenacity and tenacity of Wuhan people and strive to succeed in relegation! "

回顾过去的两个月,传奇的武汉扎尔队长经历了艰难的时光。从7月18日在球队远征仪式上挥舞着战旗,到苏州分部莫名其妙的“战术调整”,直到最后两场比赛(中国超级联赛的第一阶段)首次亮相的机会... 亚搏官网app登录10月10日,姚汉麟在接受《长江日报》-长江网记者的采访时说:“我珍惜每分钟穿家乡球衣的机会。这次我们去大连,我们一定会表现出坚韧和坚韧的武汉人民,努力保级成功!”





   Yao Hanlin, the captain of the Wuhan Zall team, was hailed as the "Han Army Flag" by Jingchu fans.


   In 2004, the 18-year-old Yao Hanlin made his debut as a main player in the "first show" of his career, ushering in a "dream start".


   Since then, from Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower, Wuhan Optics Valley, Hubei Luyin, Hubei Zhongbo, to today's Wuhan Zall. Unknowingly, Yao Hanlin has played for his hometown team for 16 seasons, and has become the longest player in the history of professional football in Hubei and Wuhan. He is also the only one who has experienced the "Han Army" three times. Super players. His experience is legendary even if you look at Chinese football.


   Time flies, the former "Amazing Young General" has long become the "Legend Captain", and to this day, Yao Hanlin continues to write this legend. On September 25th and September 28th, in the last two games of the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Super League, the fans finally saw the figure of "Yao 8" on the big screen again, cheering everywhere...

时光飞逝,昔日的“神奇青年将军”早已成为“传奇队长”,直到今天,姚翰林仍在继续书写这一传奇。 9月25日和9月28日,在2020年中国超级联赛第一阶段的最后两场比赛中,球迷们终于在大屏幕上再次看到了“姚8”的身影,到处欢呼...

"When I’m at my age (35 years old), how can I care about or make emotions because of the amount of playing time? I only know that even if I play for one minute, I will be worthy of this hometown team jersey." The 2020 season, It is the 16th time that Yao Hanlin has played for the Wuhan team in the professional league. He said that he is actually "matching" with himself today, and his story is worth listening to every Wuhan football teenager.

“当我35岁的时候,我会因为打球的时间而在乎或发情吗?我只知道即使我打一分钟,我也值得这支本土球队球衣。” 2020赛季,这是姚翰林第16次参加职业联赛武汉队。他说,他今天实际上正在与自己“比赛”,他的故事值得每个武汉足球少年听。





"I don't know how much football talent Beibei (Yao Hanlin's nickname) has, but I know this girl has been obsessed with football since he was a child." Yao's mother still remembers that when her son was in the first grade, there was a sudden gust of wind. He rushed home, couldn’t help but dragged her to the school, “I was cooking at the time, but he went crazy and insisted that I go to school. I was a little panicked at the time, for fear that he made some mistakes in school... "


   In 1992, Wansongyuan Elementary School began to form a football team. Yao Hanlin dumbly missed the selection, but when he saw the school football team start training on the playground, he immediately regretted it. "I want to enter the football team, I must do it!" 7-year-old Yao Hanlin said to himself fiercely in his heart.

1992年,万松园小学开始组建一支足球队。姚汉麟愚蠢地错过了选择,但是当他看到学校橄榄球队开始在操场上训练时,他立即后悔了。 “我想加入足球队,我必须这样做!” 7岁的姚汉麟心里狠狠地说道。

   In the following days, Yao Hanlin spent all of his free time with football "deadly". "I just practiced secretly by myself! I learned to dribble, bump, pass, and shoot. If no one is training together, I will play against th亚搏官网app登录e wall; if the technique is not correct, I will squat on the sidelines after school to watch them train."

在接下来的日子里,姚翰林“彻底”度过了全部的业余时间。 “我只是一个人秘密练习的东西!我学会了运球,颠簸,传球和投篮。如果没有人一起训练,我会撞墙;如果技术不正确,放学后我会蹲在场上,看着他们训练。”

   After a period of hard training, Yao Hanlin felt that the "time" was ripe. So for several days, after school, he dribbled and bumped the ball on the side of the training court. Finally, he saw the coach of the football team approaching him.


   "I also find it strange that there was a child playing ball next to us while we were training for a few days without talking." Recalling the first meeting with Yao Hanlin, teacher Deng Shijun of Wansongyuan Primary School was also ridiculous.


"I asked him if he liked playing football, and he said he liked it; I asked him if he wanted to be in the football team, and he said yes; I said it was useless for him to think about it, and he needed the consent of his parents, then he turned his head and ran away. I was still a bit wondering, what's the situation? After a while, he brought his mother over."






   For the vast majority of young players, the league "first show" of their careers is almost always played as a substitute, from three to five minutes, to twenty to thirty minutes, to half time and full time. However, this law arrived at Yao Hanlin and was rewritten! In September 2004, Yao Hanlin, who was still playing for the Hubei Youth Team, suddenly received an invitation from his hometown professional team. "One day, our coach suddenly told me that the first team was about to sign up for me, and then he asked me to pack up and go to the first team. After a few days of practice there, I followed the team to the away game. On the day before the game, the head coach told me, tomorrow you will be in the starting lineup!"

对于绝大多数年轻球员来说,职业生涯的联赛“第一场秀”几乎总是作为替补球员来进行的,从三到五分钟,到二十到三十分钟,到半场和全场。但是,这部法律到达了姚翰林,并被重写! 2004年9月,仍在湖北青年队效力的姚汉林突然收到了家乡专业队的邀请。 “有一天,我们的教练突然告诉我,一线队正要为我报名,然后他让我收拾行装,去一线队。经过几天的练习,我跟着那支队来到了比赛前一天,主教练告诉我,明天你将进入首发阵容!”

   Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower team, in the 2004 season under the command of head coach Pei Encai, was invincible, ranking first in the league with an unbeaten record of 11 wins and 5 draws in the half of the league. On September 25th, they challenged Qingdao Hailifeng in an away game. Yao Hanlin stood with many big brothers and became one of the 11 starting players.

武汉黄鹤楼队在主教练裴恩才的带领下,在2004赛季无敌,以半场不败的11胜5平战绩保持联盟第一。 9月25日,他们在客场挑战青岛海里风。姚汉麟与许多老兄站在一起,成为11名首发球员之一。

"I can't recall the situation at that time at all. Anyway, I ran desperately, grabbed desperately, and stepped on a sunken turf. I injured my foot and was replaced. Then I lost the game..." In his first game, Yao Hanlin said he scored 50 points for himself. Because of excitement or nervousness, he didn't play his due strength at all.


   But fortunately, the Wuhan Yellow Crane Tower team was so strong that they finally succeeded in surpassing three rounds ahead of schedule. Yao Hanlin said: "In fact, I was transferred from the youth team halfway through that year, more from the perspective of a bystander! But when I was 18 years old, I could experience the struggle of chasing with the big brothers. And passion is also a precious experience for me."






   In the 2005 season, Yao Hanlin played 14 games on behalf of the Wuhan Optics Valley team, which also means that the 19-year-old is already "half the main force" in the top league of Chinese professional football. However, the 2008 "retirement storm" gave everyone a sullen stupidity. In the following year, Hubei and Wuhan "absent" the professional leagues (the 2009 China Second League is not yet a professional league sequence).


   That year, Yao Hanlin went to Jiangsu Shuntian, who had just made the Super League, to join his former teacher Pei Encai. He played well in the Super League and played 28 games (30 games throughout the year). He even received a call from the national team’s coaching staff asking about his jersey size so that he could be ready to go to the national team at any time... But at that critical moment, Yao Hanlin made an amazing decision—abandon the Chinese Super League platform and return. To his hometown of Wuhan, he joined the Hubei Lvyin team, which had just rushed from the second to the second.


"At that time, the leader of the Provincial Football Association called me, hoping that I could come back and help a group of the team that just rushed up. How to say, I was trained in Hubei and have feelings for my hometown team. In addition, my father left early, My mother's health is not very good. As a son, I can take care of her nearby when I return to Wuhan to play football."


   Regarding the decision that finally changed his career destiny, Yao Hanlin expressed it very plainly, without any shocking reversal, resolutely resolute, but there was a sense of gratitude in every sentence.


   Due to the weak foundation of Hubei Luyin at the time, the club's operating expenses were also tight, and it was not until Wuhan Zall took over in 2012 that it was able to surpass again, and the three years of "wasting" in the Chinese League also made Yao Hanlin finally miss the national team.





   "It is no exaggeration to say that Wuhan Zall has allowed us to find our own stage again, and I finally have the opportunity to fulfill the promise I made when I returned to my hometown to play-to help the team return to the Super League!"

“毫不夸张地说,武汉扎尔让我们再次找到了自己的舞台,我终于有机会兑现我回到家乡时所做的诺亚搏体育app网页言-帮助球队重返中超联赛。 !!”

   In 2012, Wuhan Zall took over the "Han Army" banner, and the Chinese professional football field once again set off an orange storm. In the 7th round of the 2012 Chinese Premier League, Yao Hanlin's goal helped Wuhan Zall beat Shenyang and Shenbei 1-0 at home, opening the first wave of "four consecutive victories".


   The most memorable thing is the away game with Hunan Xiangtao's "life and death battle". Yao Hanlin had a waist injury in that game. He was in pain during the intermission, but he still gritted his teeth in the second half of the game. "Director Zheng asked me to hold on anyway. He said that the opponent could not stand it anymore. As long as he attacked again, it would collapse." In the 72nd minute, Yao Hanlin passed Tan Si and scored a goal; 4 minutes later, Yao Hanlin's lightning strike in front of the goal completely ended Hunan Xiangtao's hope of overtaking the score. Since then, in the Shanghai away game, Yao Hanlin scored a penalty kick to help the team beat Shanghai East Asia (the predecessor of Shanghai SIPG) 1-0, and Wuhan Zall locked in the overall situation.

最令人难忘的是湖南湘涛的“生死战”客场比赛。姚汉麟在那场比赛中腰部受伤。中场休息时他很痛苦,但是比赛的下半场他仍然咬着牙。 “郑主任反正让我坚持下去。他说对手再也受不了了。只要他再次发动进攻,它就会崩溃。”第72分钟,姚翰林越过谭四,打进一球。 4分钟后,姚汉麟在球门前的雷击彻底结束了湖南湘涛超越比分的希望。从那以后,在上海客场比赛中,姚汉麟拿到点球,帮助球队以1-0击败上海东亚(上海SIPG的前身),而武汉扎尔则锁定了大局。

   In 2018, Wuhan Zall, who had been dormant in the Chinese Premier League for many years, once again attacked the Chinese Super League. Yao Hanlin was already a veteran at this time, but the years did not wash away the enthusiasm in his heart. Led by head coach Li Tie, the 32-year-old Yao Hanlin wore the captain's armband and played 27 games (30 games throughout the year). He scored twice in the 3-0 victory over the Xinjiang Snow Leopards; he defeated Qingdao Huanghai 1-0, and he offered a lore.

2018年,沉睡于中国超级联赛多年的武汉扎尔再次进攻中国超级联赛。姚汉麟此时已经是一位资深人士,但是岁月并没有冲走他内心的热情。在总教练李铁(Li Tie)的带领下,现年32岁的姚汉麟戴着队长袖标,参加了27场比赛(全年30场比赛)。在以3-0击败新疆雪豹的比赛中,他获得了两次进球;他以1-0击败了青岛黄海,并提供了绝杀。

   Talent and passion, loyalty and no regrets, Yao Hanlin finally became the new generation of "Han Army Flag" in the hearts of Jingchu fans, just like Zhang Bin in the era of Wuhan Yaqi and Zheng Bin in the era of Wuhan Optics Valley.






   As everyone knows, what athletes eat is "youth meal", and as a professional football player, the competition is so cruel!


  Many people have worked so hard to enter the professional circle, but they were short-lived, but Yao Hanlin has played for the "Han Army" for 16 seasons with his superb skills and loyal belief.


   On July 18, 2020, Wuhan Zall set off for the Chinese Super League (Suzhou Division). At the expedition ceremony, the 35-year-old captain Yao Hanlin once again raised the "Han Army" battle flag, waved in the wind, and pointed at the Super League.


   However, due to the tactical decision of the Spanish coach Jose, Yao Hanlin failed to sign up for the first match of the Super League, so he could only sit in the stands and watch the match. But for this veteran who has experienced and overcome countless difficulties, will he bow to fate so easily?


"In the two months in Suzhou, no matter what the coach has arranged for me, I have never relaxed myself." Yao Hanlin said: "I believe that I still have the ability to play a battle, so I insist on and Hard work is definitely not for a salary. If that was the case, I would have applied for retirement a long time ago."


  Torture, hard work, waiting... Yao Hanlin finally got a chance to represent Wuhan Zall this season in the first round of the FA Cup. In the game, he scored a wonderful goal, because his teammate was offside first and was declared invalid.


   Yao Hanlin's efforts were not in vain. Although the FA Cup is not that important compared with the league, his effort to do his best in the game still impressed some people. In the last two games of the first stage of the Chinese Super League where coach Jose was suspended from command, Yao Hanlin finally ushered in his league debut.


   In the 13th round, he played against Hebei Huaxia Fortune and played in the 61st minute; in the 14th round, he played against Tianjin Teda in the 51st minute.


   Obviously, Yao Hanlin's playing time is increasing.


   On October 12, Wuhan Zall will go out again to meet the more cruel "relegation battle" of the Chinese Super League. In the absence of attackers in the team, the experience and talent of the old captain can still help the Wuhan Zall team. The story of "Yao 8" is still going on!

10月12日,武汉扎尔将再次出战,以迎接中国超级联赛更为残酷的“保级大战”。在没有进攻者的情况下,老队长的经验和才华仍然可以帮助武汉扎尔队。 “瑶八”的故事还在继续!

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