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Hello everyone, today we share how to kick a perfect side volley, hope you like it!


Today I will bring you five tips for volleying sideways. It can help you improve your ability to compete.


Figure 1-Sideways volley


Here are some suggestions that can help us master this technique. First, we must move under our feet and keep our eyes on the ball. If the ball bounces or flies from the air, then it is much harder for us to judge its landing than on the ground.


Figure 2-Move your feet


If we move under our feet, we can constantly adjust according to the flight trajectory of the ball, so we can't stand dead, otherwise it is easy to make mistakes when we have to react at the last second.


Figure 3-Continuous adjustment according to the trajectory


Be sure to move under your feet and focus on the ball so that you can be in the right place at the right time.


Figure 4-The right timing


The second technique is our supporting feet. Our 亚搏官网app登录supporting feet determine the direction and accuracy of the shot.


Figure 5-Support feet pointing


But because we are on the side of the ball, we need to open our feet to point to our target. If we aim at the goal, we can see that we must open 90 degrees so that we can swing the leg from the side. So make sure that we can't stand dead under our feet, which will make us lose our balance and also make hitting more difficult.


Figure 6-Open 90 degrees


So, if we approach it from the side, make sure we open that foot, which will create enough space to swing the leg and hit the ball towards the target.


Figure 7-Leg swing


Rotate the body:


The third suggestion is to rotate our body. This will help our kinetic energy and power generation. In traditional shots, we usually swing backwards, but in side volleys, we cannot swing back because we approach from the side. ball.


Figure 8-Turn the body


So we have to use our body and rotation to generate the same power, which will add more power when hitting the ball, so before we swing our legs, we must first rotate our hips. If we shoot with our right foot, then our left shoulder will turn outward, and our foot will accumulate strength in the turning, which is more helpful to exert force.


Figure 9-Rotating the hips


The fourth suggestion is that the foot touches the ball. We should use the shoelace position to touch the ball and make sure it is flat against the ball. This is why we need to raise our legs high so that we can present such a plane.


Figure 10-presenting a plane


If the foot cannot be stretched straight, it is always at a certain angle, it is easy to hit the plane, if the pressure is too low, it will hit the ground again, and the position of hitting the ball is the same.


Figure 11-Feet stretched straight


We have to hit the center of the ball so that the ball can fly smoothly in the air. If the hit point is too low, it will fly to the sky, if it is too high, it will hit the ground.


Figure 12-Smooth shot


The fifth suggestion is to move with the ball. This is the first thing we need to do after touching the ball. We have to make sure that the ball flies towards the target. So whether it is the goal or our teammates, if we move towards the goal with the ball, Contribute to the accuracy of the shot.


Figure 13-Action with the ball


The second thing, we have to make sure that when we hit the center of the ball, we have to cut downwards to produce some spin. If we hit the center of the ball and directly give the ball a follow-up action, the ball will have a weird arc, making the ball even more unfavorable It is predicted that this is not a bad thing, it is more challenging for the goalkeeper.


But if it is a pass, it will make it difficult for our teammates to control, so we can take a downward cut when following the ball, generate some spin, and make the trajectory of the ball smoother. These are a few techniques for volleying sideways. .

但是,如果这是一次传球,这将使我们的队友难以控制,因此我们可以在跟随球时向下切球,产生一些旋转,并使球的轨迹更平滑。这些是侧身齐射的一些技巧。 。

Figure 14-Cut the ball down


Remember, the most important thing is to practice as much as possible. This is the only way to thoroughly master it and allow you to use it flexibly in the game.


That's it for today's content. For more exciting football teaching, please continue to pay attention to the road of football!


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