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Only 63 days after the finals of last season ended, the CBA League reignited the battle last Saturday. However, the focus of public opinion in the first round was neither Zhejiang Chouzhou's 25-point victory over the defending champion Guangdong team, nor the smug Shanghai men's basketball team that defeated Zhejiang Guangsha 94-122 last night, and once again started the new season with a downturn. "0 to 20", this score that seems to only appear in amateur matches, like a heavy punch on the chest of the fans, is destined to be included in the history of Chinese basketball.

上赛季决赛结束后仅63天,CBA联赛在上周六重新点燃了这场战斗。然而,第一轮的舆论焦点既不是浙江洲州队以25分的优势击败卫冕冠军广东队,也不是昨晚击败浙江广厦队的自鸣得意的上海男篮,又以94-122击败了浙江男篮。低迷。 “ 0到20”这个分数似乎只出现在业余比赛中,就像在球迷的胸膛上重拳一样,注定要纳入中国篮球史。

At 3:30 pm yesterday, it was supposed to be the opening time of the first round of the Bayi Men's Basketball and Beijing team. According to regulations, this will be the first home game of the Bayi team in the new season. Although in the tournament system, the so-called home and away games are more of a form, but in the Hailiang Education Park Gymnasium in Zhuji Division, from the wooden floor, the player entrance channel to the bench, the Bayi Man is still posted as planned. Basketball team logo. Apart from the fact that the names of the Bayi team players were not displayed on the big screen, everything seemed the same. However, from the time of warming up before the game, the arena has become an embarrassing one-man show for the Beijing team players. Head coach Xie Libin put one hand on the billboard on the sidelines and talked with the referee solemnly. After 15 minutes, no Bayi team player has come out of the player channel. After a brief discussion, the three referees on duty solemnly walked to the sidelines and raised their microphones to announce the birth of the first "0-20" score in CBA history.

昨天下午3:30,这应该是八一男篮和北京队首轮比赛的开幕时间。根据规定,这将是新赛季八一队的首场主场比赛。尽管在锦标赛系统中,所谓的主客场比赛更多是一种形式,但是在诸暨分区的海良教育公园体育馆,从木地板,球员入口通道到替补席,八一人仍然被张贴正如计划。篮球队的标志。除了没有在大屏幕上显示八一队队员的名字的事实之外,其他一切看起来都一样。但是,从比赛前的热身开始,竞技场已经成为北京队球员的尴尬单人秀。主教练谢立斌将一只手放在广告牌旁,庄严地与裁判交谈。 15分钟后,没有八一队球员退出球员渠道。经过简短讨论,三名值班裁判庄重地走到场边,举起麦克风宣布CBA历史上第一个“ 0-20”得分的诞生。

"If a team is not present or unable to gather five players 15 minutes after the start time, it will be awarded 0-20." This is an old rule that has been used by the FIBA ​​for many years and is in the latest version of the rulebook issued this yea亚搏官网app登录r. Still kept. And there is another sentence on the same page of the manual, indicating the future fate of the Bayi Men’s Basketball Team-“If a team is absent twice in the tournament, it will be deprived of the qualifications to participate in the remaining games. The team's games will be void." A big saying is used to summarize the current situation of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team, that is, "As expected, outside of reason."


The so-called "expected" is not difficult to understand. After all, rumors that the Bayi team will withdraw from the CBA have been rampant since last season. Many basketball media and men's basketball players have confirmed the news that "August 1 Men's Basketball has been disbanded." Until now, the team that once ruled Chinese basketball has not registered any players. Although the CBA officials did not provide a clear explanation, they also reserved a place for the Bayi team when the schedule was announced, but intriguingly added a note "August First Team Competition To Be Determined" at the end. Since the peak fell, in addition to the consecutive years of declining record, the Bayi men's basketball team may have left fans with only the "August 1 clause". However, since the rematch stage of last season, more and more teams have chosen to play in the all-Chinese class and enjoy the same foreign aid polic亚搏体育app网页y as the military, which almost completely lost the sense of existence of Bayi Men's Basketball Team.

所谓的“预期”并不难理解。毕竟,自上个赛季以来,关于八一队将退出CBA的传闻一直盛行。许多篮球媒体和男子篮球运动员都证实了“ 8月1日男子篮球已经解散”的消息。到目前为止,曾经统治中国篮球的球队还没有注册任何球员。尽管CBA官员没有提供明确的解释,但他们在时间表宣布后也为八一队保留了一个席位,但有趣的是在结尾处添加了“待确定的八月第一队比赛”字样。自从高峰下降以来,除了连续多年下降的记录外,八一男篮可能只剩下“ 8月1日条款”。然而,自上赛季复赛以来,越来越多的球队选择参加全中国比赛,并享有与军方相同的外援政策,这几乎完全失去了八一男篮的存在感。

Putting aside all off-court factors, just from the perspective of basketball, this season is actually the best opportunity for the Bayi team. With the tightening of foreign aid poli亚搏体育app网页cies and the restriction of international travel due to the epidemic, as of press time, only five teams in the CBA have registered for foreign aid, a record low since the 1996-1997 season. If they compete as usual, the Bayi team, which still has strong players such as Zou Yuchen, may get rid of the embarrassing position of the countdown in the league, and may even launch an impact on the playoffs, but that's all. This once unbeatable Chinese basketball hegemon can no longer regain its original glory. It is no longer the most attractive team in the league for potential new stars, nor has it been able to create a powerful youth training system. But in the changes of the times, it is gradually out亚搏体育app网页 of touch with the development of professional basketball.


However, after such a long preparation, even if the military finally chooses to leave the CBA, it does not appear to be unexpected at all. What is really staggering is the complicated process during it. In the case that the Bayi team still has no movement on the deadline for player registration, CBA has made an exception to apply for the suspension of registration. When the league schedule was announced, it should have been the best opportunity for Bayi to announce its future, but the results were as everyone saw. Except for the pre-season physical test, the team seems to have nothing to do with the league. At the moment when Chinese basketball continues to emphasize professionalism, it is so out of place.


According to news from the CCTV Sports Channel, CBA will select a day in the next few days to announce the move of the Bayi Men's Basketball Team. This official announcement came a bit late, but it's better to be late than absent.


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