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Hupu News, September 24 Tonight, Guangzhou R&F lost 0-2 to Shanghai Shenhua. R&F coach Van Bronckhorst said in a post-match press conference that the players are under the pressure of competing for four, but they must learn from it t亚搏体育app网页o withstand such pressure. In addition, he also expressed the hope that the injured players can return to the team with goodwill as soon as possible and play well in the second stage of the game.

沪浦新闻,9月24日,今晚,广州富力输给上海申花0-2。富力教练范·布朗克霍斯特(Van Bronckhorst)在赛后新闻发布会上说,球员们面临着争夺四强的压力,但他们必须从中学习以承受这种压力。此外,他还表示希望受伤的球员能够尽快以善意重返球队,并在比赛的第二阶段表现出色。

Fan Shuai: The overall performance and state of the team in this game were not very good, so we naturally lost. In fact, the team performed well in the first few games, and it has always retained the hope of the fourth. Today we lost the game and the hope of the fourth was also dashed. It also confirmed our sixth place in Group A.


On the whole, we couldn't let go of the first half. Two goals made it easy for the opponent to score. We also knew some of the opponent's play styles, and some long passes to grab two points, but we did not do well. In addition, the players as a whole are also under some pressure, and they are not very relaxed. In the end, we can only accept such results. Next, we will let the players rest, make adjustments, and prepare for the second stage of the game.


Fan Shuai: Of course. The team played well in the first few games, so we still kept our hope of fighting for four until today. At the beginning of the season, the team did not set a clear goal. Of course, the ball was played one after another. Prepare for the field, when this opportunity comes,


Fan Shuai: Indeed, Renardinho threatened both sides on his side. His injury was sudden and the team was also passively adjusted. This is no way. He cannot continue with his injuries. In addition to him, the team has other players who also have injuries. I hope they can recover as soon as possible.


Fan Shuai: Actually, we know that there are two players who cannot play due to the evasion clause. They are Li Songyi and Chen Zhechao. Tang Miao was suspended, injured players such as Renardinho, Dembele and Tosic, but the young players in the FA Cup showed good things, and they did not have a lot of pressure. , So I won’t be afraid to send them on. We also know that the results of the last game will not play a big role in our position in the standings. Our rankings have been fixed. It is still better to look at the status of everyone these days to make the final decision.

范帅:实际上,我们知道有两个球员由于规避条款而不能参赛。他们是李松义和陈哲超。唐M被亚搏官网app登录禁赛,受伤的球员包括雷纳迪尼奥,登贝莱和托西奇,但足总杯的年轻球员表现不错,他们并没有太大压力。 ,因此我不会害怕将其发送出去。我们也知道,上一场比赛的结果不会对我们在积分榜上的位置起很大作用。我们的排名是固定的。最好看看这几天每个人的状态,以便做出最终决定。

Fan Shuai: Yi Teng also missed several games due to an ankle injury. He was able to come back from his injury in this game, so he chose him to play. Tosic suffered an injury to the back of his thigh before the match against the Dalian native. We had communicated at the time and he felt good, so we took the risk of playing that game with him.


If he was asked to play this fierce competition two days later, I think it would increase his risk of injury again, so I did not decide to let Tosic play this game.


Fan Shuai: I am satisfied with what we said at the beginning of the season that we won sixth place. Of course, because before this game we still have hope of hitting the top four, we lost this hope after losing today. I will feel a little disappointed, but everyone knows that our team’s lineup is very difficult compared to other teams. It is very difficult to easily reach the top four goals. It can be seen that the players have done their best on the field. , I am still very satisfied with their performance.

范帅:我对我们在赛季初所说的获得第六名感到满意。当然,因为在这场比赛之前我们仍然有希望进入前四名,所以在今天输了之后我们就失去了希望。我会感到有些失望,但每个人都知道与其他球队相比,我们球队的阵容很难。轻松达到前四个目标非常困难。可以看出,球员们在场上已经尽力了。 ,我对他们的表现仍然非常满意。

Just like the last match, the match against Suning before, the hard work and spirit demonstrated by everyone in these two games is still worthy of recognition. Of course, we have now determined the position of the sixth place. We can go to see other teams and see the team they are seventh in. We can also make some preparations in advance. I also hope that the team can play the second stage of the game well, and that our injured players can return to the team as soon as possible.


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