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It is better to be born early than to be born smart.


When the dust settled in 1976, the teenager Zhuang Chenchao was born in Shanghai. In the second year after his birth, China resumed the college entrance examination.


Although this year, the title of the Shanghai Chinese test paper was "Comrade Lei Feng's glorious image often churns in my mind" and "Through exposing and criticizing the Gang of Four, I gave me a profound political lesson", but the road has been opened.


Zhuang Chenchao, who studied in Shanghai Children's Palace, discovered that there are a batch of the latest computers from across the ocean, Apple brand.


This is because Comrade Xiaoping visited Shanghai a few years ago. He touched the head of a little doll in the Shanghai Exhibition Hall and said earnestly and earnestly to the leading cadres around him: The popularization of computers starts with the doll.


When Zhuang Chenchao graduated from elementary school, he had basically learned all the programming languages.


At this time, not far from Hangzhou, there is a university teacher who is 12 years older than him. His surname is Ma, and he still doesn't know what a computer is. He took the college entrance examination for the first time and got a terrible 1 point in math.


Not only is one step ahead in computers, Zhuang Chenchao's mathematical talent is also in sharp contrast with Ma.


Numerous media reports said that he won the first prize in the Hualuogeng Cup Middle School Mathematics Competition for the first time, and then participated in the competition every year and won every year. Called a mathematical genius. In the end, he actually won the first prize in a national math competition.


This abbreviated AMC test involves almost all the knowledge points in mathematics. There are 25 questions in total. On average, one question only takes three minutes to answer.


Among the participating students, only the top one percent can win the first prize, and there are 600,000 candidates in North America who apply for AMC.


In 1994, Zhuang Chenchao was admitted to Peking University to study the Department of Electronic Engineering, relying on the large and small mathematics awards he won in high school.


They all have a bright future.


For Zhuang Chenchao, mathematics is a way of thinking and a habit of life.


He chased a girl in his senior year. He planned all the dating locations and routes in advance, where he could say what to say and what to do, and he paid a lot of attention to the system, so he had to write a function.


All this can catch up with girls, it is really the blessing of Father Hua Luogeng.


In 1997, Yahoo became the world's largest Internet company through search. This summer, the classmates who turned in went to Peking University to find Zhuang Chenchao and asked him if he wanted to be a search engine together. The market potential is huge.


At this time, it was one year before he graduated from university, and Robin Li returned to China to establish Baidu.


On November 3, 1997, Zhuang Chenchao's first entrepreneurial project: Searcher was born. This is a system made by localizing foreign engines.


The searcher was finally sold to Chinabyte by Zhuang Chenchao, which was a joint venture between Murdoch's News Corporation and People's Daily.


Murdoch, a capitalist, came with economic benefits, but the People's Daily did not forget its original intention. After the searcher went bankrupt, it found Deng Yaping again and did an immediate search. It's a pity that I didn't do it, otherwise the world won't suffer for a long time.


After the first successful cash out, it was the second time.


In 1999, Zhuang Chenchao saw the future of sports websites and co-founded a sports forum called Shawei Sports. His position is CTO, Chief Technology Officer, and CFO just a bit short.


The Internet soon ushered in a large amount of fast money, and the speed of development was advancing by leaps and bounds. The Li Chaoren family also followed the trend and entered the battlefield. This year, the TOM Group was founded to conquer the city.


Zhuang Chenchao cashed out again, sold all of Shawei's equity to TOM at a sky-high price of 15 million US dollars, and went to the United States.


<亚搏官网app登录p>At this time, there was a young man surnamed Ma in Shenzhen. Because he and his brothers were about to run out of money to eat, he went everywhere to buy investment, and finally brought Li Chaoren's son, Li Zekai.


Li Zekai bought a 20% stake in Tencent for only US$2 million, which is less than one-seventh of the price of TOM's acquisition of Shawei Sports. He sold it in over a year, for $12.6 million.


The purchase of these shares is South African MIH, currently the largest shareholder of Tencent Holdings.


This share was valued at approximately US$100 billion last year.


Li Zekai missed an opportunity to exceed his father's assets, and it was the only time in his life.


In his life, I am afraid he can only carry the title of "the son of the richest Chinese man".


Just like Zhou Xingchi said, very sad:


In 2004, Ali received a financing of 82 million US dollars, which was the largest private equity fund in China's Internet industry at the time.


Teacher Ma once mentioned the relationship between mathematics and himself, and said:


Google in the US also landed on the capital market from Nasdaq. Seeing another heat wave hit, Zhuang Chenchao in the United States couldn't sit still.


He conducted a mathematical analysis of the market. Nothing else, just what the actual value and income are if you start a company, without considering the view of the capital market.


In the end, all the analysis charts point to a market with the highest probability: online travel.


In February 2005, Zhuang Chenchao returned to China and founded with an initial capital of 1.2 million yuan and served as the president.


Li Yanhong, who had almost become a competitor at the time, had an initial capital of 1.2 million, but US dollars.


Unexpectedly, a few years later, Baidu became the largest shareholder of with a strategic investment of US$300 million. Whoever is the boss may be due to the original gap.


In 2010, Qunar prepared to transform from a search engine and created a Chinese hotel review system.


Four years later, Mafengwo CEO Chen Gang called Zhuang Chenchao in the air on Weibo, and angered for "hiring someone to write a positive comment for 500 yuan each."


The words are very righteous, but the body is very honest.


Another four years later, hornet's nest was stabbed out. Of its 21 million real reviews, 18 million were copied from competing products such as Dianping and Ctrip, and possibly Qunar.


In June 2011, Qunar sold 62% of its shares to Baidu. At the same time, the former CEO resigned and Zhuang Chenchao, the president, took over.


At the end of this year, he said in an interview with the media:


Brownian motion puts it in the vernacular that all behaviors are random. As expected, Mr. Zhuang was full of mathematical language when he spoke.


Four years later, under Baidu's control, Ctrip acquired Qunar.


Zhuang Chenchao transferred all of Qunar's stocks to higher-value Ctrip stocks. According to the valuation at the time, this part of the shares was worth $1 billion.


Cash out again, he can always stop losses in time.


On January 4, 2016, he officially resigned. How do you plan to go next? He revealed on Weibo four years ago:


Two months after leaving his job, Zhuang Chenchao turned around and founded "Zebra Investment" with two partners.


As for what to vote, in his words:


The first project he invested was Bianlifeng founded by Zhuang Chenchao himself, with a starting hand of 300 million US dollars.


This time, time has begun, time has really begun. The speed of opening stores of Bianlifeng shocked the industry. In more than two years, nearly 600 stores have been opened. And the area is very luxurious, some two floors add up to 400 square meters, what you want is bright.


In fact, it is a convenience store that uses APP to pay, trying to realize self-service shopping and reduce payment costs. As a result, in the actual operation, you have to queue up to check whether you can get more after using your mobile phone, which is even more troublesome.


This project is also based on Zhuang Chenchao's love for mathematics. He says:


In addition, Zebra's funds are also involved in the money burning industry of various shared generations. For example, sharing bicycles, sharing power banks, sharing umbrellas...


Hu Weiwei threw the hot potato to the old king next door. Ofo has not refunded the deposit so far. Most of the power bank players died almost in 17 years, and shared umbrellas are faced with borrowing or not returning.

胡为伟将地瓜扔给隔壁的老国王。 Ofo到目前为止尚未退还这笔押金。大多数移动电源参与者都在将近17年内去世,共享的保护伞面临着借贷或不偿还的危险。

None of these national photo demon mirror projects have been completed.


Bianlifeng also voted for another outlet that is more challenging: unmanned shelves.


Since November 2017, it has been spread to 50,000 shelves in just over a month, and has grown at a rate of more than 10,000 per week.


Some media wrote a manuscript with the title: "Bianlifeng enters the office without an unmanned shelf, and the crazy shelf will produce the next Mobike? 》


A prophecy.


When a person finds that taking things without paying for them will not be held accountable, the startups with unmanned shelves begin to go bankrupt and leave.


This challenge of human nature was quickly proved. Much faster than proving a law.


In April 2018, Bianlifeng’s staff group received a notice: Except for the existing 8 smart container pilot cities and 3 pre-stored cities, the remaining 38 cities with simple shelves will all be withdrawn.


The production capacity of smart containers is far behind the expansion speed of Bianlifeng. If we don't need so many people, we have to lay off staff.


Life is like a figure of eight, going round and round, and going back and forth, eventually returning to the original point. Zhuang Chenchao used his nirvana again: mathematics.


Recently, people broke out in the pulse, Bianlifeng asked every employee to take a math test, and those who failed were expelled.


The exam content is as follows:


If Teacher Ma worked at Bianlifeng, he would definitely be laid off.


After Bianlifeng’s layoffs were revealed, Zhuang Chenchao made a special statement:


Many years ago, in a conversation with Kazuo Inamori, Teacher Ma once sighed:


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