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5 matches, 4 wins and 1 draw, the gate was not lost for nearly 600 minutes. Although before the start of the season, many people agreed that the Spaniard was the "aircraft carrier" of the West Division this season, but it quickly got on track early in the season, which surprised many fans. 1-0 Lectra's mid-range game against Alcocon, although Wu Lei has not recovered his shooting boots, and the injury only played halftime, the team's performance still gives people hope.

5场比赛,4胜1平,大门近600分钟没有丢失。尽管在赛季开始之前,许多人都认为西班牙人是本赛季西区的“航空母舰”,但在赛季初它很快就步入正轨,这令许多球迷感到惊讶。 1-0力克对阵Alcocon的中距离比赛,尽管Wu Lei尚未恢复他的投篮靴,而且伤病只上场了一半,但球队的表现仍然给人希望。

Embalba was diagnosed with the new crown, Puado raised the National Youth Team, and Wu Lei, who had a poor performance in the last round, was able to continue to start this game. Compared with last week's game, Wu Lei's participation in the game has been further improved. During the preseason, he quickly passed with his teammates to return to the arena and wants to gain a foothold in West Second. This is exactly what he needs to focus on this season. Perfect: Better than improving the so-called dribbling or confrontation ability.

Embalba被诊断出获得了新的桂冠,Puado组成了国家青年队,而上轮表现不佳的Wu Lei能够继续开始这场比赛。与上周的比赛相比,吴磊的比赛参与度得到了进一步提高。在季前赛期间,他迅速与队友一起过关重返赛场,并希望在西二站稳脚跟。这正是他本赛季需要关注的重点。完美:比提高所谓的盘带或对抗能力更好。

Wu Lei is very active in the starting field. During the game, he and Migron played a wall kick, but the lack of decision-making power under the pressure made him lose the opportunity to shoot; De Thomas’ free kick was caught by him, but unfortunately the subsequent header attack was also missed. Millimeters; in addition, there is another chance to shoot up because the opponent is stuck in position. Wu Lei's game state was better last night, but his physical condition was unstable, which made him sit in the stands after midfield.


Last weekend, Wu Lei, who was not online, was not replaced first, but this week, he became active but only played halftime on the court-this was actually a helpless decision by the coaching staff. Wu Lei's physical condition has fluctuated greatly in recent weeks, and his knee discomfort has been repeated endlessly, which has increased significantly this week. The physical condition has previously been counterproductive to the competitive state. If Embalba and Puado were absent, Wu Lei should not have been in the starting lineup predicted by the local media. In order to prevent the injury from worsening, Wu Lei insisted on leaving after 45 minutes, and after being replaced by a teammate, the ice bag on his right knee also betrayed Wu Lei's current situation.


Perhaps in the next period of time, Wu Lei's first task is to adjust his physical condition back to his best. Teammates have returned one after another, double matches a week hit, sitting on the bench is almost a foregone conclusion for him. However, the 42 rounds of La Liga are tight and long, and injuries and ups and downs are inevitable. In the first few rounds of the season, the Spaniard's "machine" worked fairly smoothly. As the "part" of the "machine", Wu Lei is already ready to meet all challenges.


The most significant change of this "machine" from before is the mentality of the game. Last season, the Spaniard, who was not weak, was the final deputy squad leader of La Liga. The team's confusion when playing against the wind caused them to lose too many games that they shouldn't lose. In the Second Division, facing a targeted and aggressive opponent, the Spaniard was basically able to stabilize the situation, using technical advantages to choose a deadly blow.


Aside from Albacete, who was easily disarmed in the first round, although the next few opponents were of average strength, they suffered the Spaniards with a tough style. Upgraded rival Mallorca took away the tie and once let the internet commentary area mourn all over. But after facing opponents who adopt the same tactics, the team can still do its own thing, not hurriedly, and finally return to winning streak. Even if many veteran players left, many players with experience in West Division still led their teammates to stabilize their mentality.


The second is the control of the head coach. During last season, the three coaches have left the Spaniard's coaching position. They all have successful coaching resumes, but they all came in with their excitement and went away. Frequent changes in the coaching position have directly led to the instability of the team's performance. During the offseason, the top management apparently learned the lessons of last summer's failure. The negotiations with Mallorca on Vicente Moreno's contract termination were protracted, and Moreno repaid their trust with a strong start.

第二个是主教练的控制。在上赛季,三位教练已离开西班牙人的教练位置。他们都有成功的教练履历,但是他们都兴奋地加入进去了。教练位置的频繁变化直接导致了团队绩效的不稳定。在休赛期,高级管理层显然吸取了去年夏天失败的教训。与马洛卡就维森特·莫雷诺(Vicente Moreno)合同的终止进行了长时间的谈判,莫雷诺以良好的开端回报了他们的信任。

Leading the newly promoted Tarragona and Mallorca, Vicente Moreno has written a counterattack fairy tale. Previously, his stellar record when coaching in the second division was the reason why the Spaniard chose him and the fans gave him enough confidence. Although the Spaniard under Moreno's rule is still suffering from constipation from time to time, and his on-the-spot command is not perfect, his start has reached expectations. The "aircraft carrier" is moving steadily under the leadership of a good "captain". This situation has not happened for at least a year.

维森特·莫雷诺(Vicente Moreno)领导着刚晋升的塔拉戈纳(Tarragona)和马洛卡(Mallorca),写了一个反击童话。此前,他在二分区执教时的出色表现是西班牙人选择他并且球迷们给予他足够自信的原因。尽管在莫雷诺的统治下的西班牙人仍然不时遭受便秘的困扰,他的现场指挥并不完美,但他的起步已经达到了预期。 “航空母舰”在一个好的“机长”的领导下稳步前进。这种情况至少一年没有发生。

The last is the awakening of the core players. Although not able to introduce a desperately-needed high center forward, but summarizing the summer transfer window, local fans generally scored high points. Among the main players, only Roca left, and the rest of the generals were not only kept in their bodies, but also seemed to be kept in their hearts. Last season when the Spaniard's hopes of relegation were slim, De Thomas, the most valuable, was already uneasy. After the start of this season, he resolutely sought to leave the team. After confirming to stay with the Spaniard, he used his extraordinary personal ability to help the team win. "I have a contract with the Spaniard, and I am also very happy in the Spaniard." De Thomas will not lower his arrogant head, but he is learning to be proud of his collective achievements. RDT, really fragrant.

最后是核心玩家的觉醒。尽管无法引进急需的高中锋,但总结了夏季转会窗口,当地球迷普遍取得了高分。在主要玩家中,只有Roca离开了,其余的将军们不仅被保留在自己的体内,而且似乎也被保留在他们的心亚搏体育app网页中。上赛季西班牙人降级的希望渺茫,最有价值的德·托马斯(De Thomas)已经不安了。在本赛季开始之后,他坚决寻求离开球队。在确认留在西班牙人之亚搏体育app网页后,他利用他非凡的个人能力帮助球队获胜。 “我与西班牙人签有合同,在西班牙人中我也感到非常高兴。”德·托马斯(De Thomas)不会放下傲慢的头脑,但他正在学习为自己的集体成就感到自豪。 RDT,真的很香。

In the 2019-20 season, the Spaniard's frontcourt leader Iglesias left, and the deputy nuclear Daddell fell into an inexplicable downturn. In the six months after De Thomas arrived, his thoughts about leaving the team were erratic due to injuries and volatility. But after Xia Chuang, including him, the Spaniard's main framework has all cut pay to stay on the team, and continue to play a key role. Open the West Second page of the German "Transfer Market" website, and the Spaniards won the top 5 without any suspense. A powerful team has an unlimited future with the life of the three armies. For Wu Lei, injuries and downturns are also temporary. If this team can continue to send out such positive signals, Wu Lei and his teammates will be able to return to their La Liga arena.

在2019-20赛季,西班牙前场领袖伊格莱西亚斯离开了,副核达达尔陷入了莫名其妙的低迷时期。在德·托马斯(De Thomas)抵达后的六个月中,由于受伤和动荡,他离开球队的想法很不稳定。但是,在包括夏闯在内的夏闯之后,西班牙人的主要框架已经全部削减了薪水以留在队中,并继续发挥关键作用。打开德国“交易市场”网站的西二页,西班牙人毫无悬念地赢得了前5名。一支强大的团队在三军的生命中拥有无限的未来。对于吴磊来说,伤病和低迷也是暂时的。如果这支球队能够继续发出如此积极的信号,吴磊和他的队友将能够重返西甲竞技场。

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