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The controversy over the handball penalty dominated the ne亚搏官网app登录ws headlines over the weekend, making almost all the head coaches angry, which seriously affected the three games.


In the first 28 games of the Premier League, a total of 20 penalties were penalized. Compared with the 8 in the first 30 games of the 2019/20 season, this number has increased significantly.


From the xG perspective, penalties (0.80 xG) have accounted for 17.8% of expected goals so far this season. Last season, 6.3% of the total goals scored in the Premier League were achieved through penalty kicks, w亚搏官网app登录hich highlights the current rules.

从xG角度来看,罚球数(0.80 xG)占本赛季迄今为止预期目标的17.8%。上个赛季,英超联赛总进球数的6.3%是通过罚点球实现的,这突显了现行规则。

Two defeats without scoring, plus Sheffield United are about to face Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea in the next five games, the term "Second Season Syndrome" in the next few weeks May be seen often.


However, it is too early to include them on the relegation candidate list, even if they are about to face a difficult schedule.


Earlier red cards and missed penalties caused Wilder's team to lose in the weekend's opener against Aston Villa (xG: AVL 1.04-0.97 SHU) before being defeated by Leeds.

较早的红牌和罚则使Wilder的球队在上周末对阵Aston Villa(xG:AVL 1.04-0.97 SHU)的揭幕战中败北,而被利兹击败。

Sheffield United created a better chance in the match agai亚搏体育app网页nst Leeds United (xG: SHU 1.71-1.32 LEE). Considering the strength of Bielsa's Leeds United, the failure is understandable.

谢菲尔德联队在与利兹联(xG:SHU 1.71-1.32 LEE)的比赛中创造了更好的机会。考虑到贝尔萨的利兹联的实力,失败是可以理解的。

Last season, Sheffield United performed very well against mid-range teams. Therefore, despite the poor start of the season, Sheffield fans should not worry too much.


Although last season scored 30 of the 66 points in the away game, from the data point of view, Chelsea's performance away from Stamford Bridge is far from convincing, and achieved a relatively poor +1.6 win in away games. The ball is particularly vulnerable on defense (1.62 xGA per game).

尽管上赛季在客场比赛中获得了66分中的30分,但从数据来看,切尔西在斯坦福桥的表现并不令人信服,并且在客场​​比赛中取得了较差的+1.6胜利。球在防守上特别脆弱(每场比赛1.62 xGA)。

From the performance of Lampard in Brighton and West Brom this season, he did not eradicate these problems.


Although they won 3-1, Chelsea were out of form for most of the game against Brighton (xG: BHA 1.27-1.32 CHE), and had to escape three goals from behind after giving West Brom the lead at the weekend. Hard to get back in the state.

尽管他们以3-1获胜,但切尔西在与布莱顿(xG:BHA 1.27-1.32 CHE)的比赛中大部分时间表现都不佳,并且在周末给予西布朗队领先后不得不从后面躲过三个进球。很难回到状态。

The loss of players is undoubtedly a factor in the discontinuity of the two games, but the potential data for 2019/20 is worrying.


And Manchester United will wait for Chelsea's arrival at Old Trafford.


On Sunday, under the leadership of the 19/20 Premier League Golden Boot Valdy, Leicester beat Manchester City 5-2 to help Leicester climb to the top of the standings.


With a brilliant shot and two penalty kicks, he staged a hat-trick, and the Foxes won a textbook counterattack (xG: MCI 1.46-3.02 LEI).

凭借出色的投篮和两次罚球,他上演了帽子戏法,而狐狸队则赢得了教科书的反击(xG:MCI 1.46-3.02 LEI)。

The age-old shooter and his three teammates-Justin, Castagne and Tillermans were selected to Infogol's Premier League team of the week, showing how great Leicester's performance is.


Although Vardy has scored 4 of 5 goals this season from penalty kicks, his contribution to this is also worth mentioning. He won 3 of them for himself.


Moreover, Vardy has won 18 of the 21 penalties he scored in the Premier League.


Aston Villa's performance is the same as after last season's rematch, they did not concede a goal in either game.


After two zero seals, Smith's team is very good from a defensive point of view. They averaged only 1.04 xGA per game, which caused their xGA trend line to drop sharply.

经过两次零封,史密斯的球队从防守角度来看非常出色。他们每场比赛平均只有1.04 xGA,这导致他们的xGA趋势线急剧下降。

At present, their defensive intensity has been continued. In the 2020/21 game, their average xGA per game is less than one.


It is true that before facing the terrible Fulham, they played most of the time in the opener against Shelby United, but it is clear that Vera is on the rise.


But the next opponent, Liverpool, will strictly test their defense.


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