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【亚搏官网app登录】第二次接班李霄鹏!重现铿锵玫瑰的郝伟 会给鲁能带来黄金一代吗
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【亚搏官网app登录】第二次接班李霄鹏!重现铿锵玫瑰的郝伟 会给鲁能带来黄金一代吗

Li Xiaopeng resigned and Hao Wei took over. This is the official announcement of Luneng on October 5th. In fact, as early as 9 years ago, Hao Wei had already succeeded Li Xiaopeng as the coach of the Chinese women's football team. Hao Wei, who was in danger, later brought the Chinese women's football into the quarter-finals of the Canadian Women's World Cup and created the亚搏官网app登录 golden generation of women's football. Now, when Hao Wei is in danger again and takes over Li Xiaopeng's coach, what will he bring to Luneng?


In September 2011, when the Chinese women's football team returned from the London Olympic qualifiers, Li Xiaopeng, then the Chinese women's football coach, insisted on resigning. Just like his resignation at Luneng today, it was after the approval of most people. Due to some controversial voices outside, Li Xiaopeng avoided the whirlpool of right and wrong and chose to resign and leave. At that time, the Football Association selected Hao Wei, who had previously served as Li Xiaopeng's assistant, to coach the Chinese women's football team. This was actually a helpless move. After all, the women's football team faced a dilemma that no one would dare to take. In Hao Wei's own words, "I came to the women's football team to help, but I couldn't leave."


Hao Wei, who had no experience in coaching women's football, took over the Chinese women's football coaching mark at the age of 36 and aimed directly at the 2015 World Cup in Canada. The first thing Hao Wei did was to exchange blood for the Chinese women's football team. After Han Duan, Bi Yan and other veterans withdrew from the women's football team, Hao Wei promoted a large number of young players into the women's football team for the first time, and the first time to enter the Chinese women's football team. There are as many as 11 people, accounting for nearly half. In 2013, Hao Wei accelerated the replacement. The former National Youth 85 generation, repre亚搏官网app登录sented by Zhou Gaoping, Weng Xinzhi, and Zhang Yanru, were all excluded from the Chinese women’s football team. They are all the main players in the Chinese women’s career, even Ma Xiaoxu’s past. Being a star player, he has gradually moved away from the Chinese women's football team because of his lack of courage. At that time, Hao Wei's big exchange of blood once caused a lot of controversy.

没有女足教练经验的郝玮,在36岁时接管了中国女足教练的标志,直接瞄准了2015年加拿大世界杯。郝薇做的第一件事就是为中国女子足球队换血。在韩端,毕燕等老兵退出女足之后,郝玮首次将大批年轻球员提升为女足,并首次进入中国女足。多达11人,占近一半。 2013年,郝伟加快了更换工作。以周高平,翁新志和张艳茹为代表的前85岁青年一代被排除在中国女足之外。他们都是中国女子职业的主要角色,甚至是马小旭的过去。作为一名明星球员,由于缺乏勇气,他已逐渐离开中国女足。当时,郝伟的大笔血液曾经引起很多争议。

However, with these new forces, Hao Wei showed the hope of women's football to the outside world at the 2014 Women's Football Asian Cup. The young Chinese women's football team not only won third place and won the Women's World Cup, but also in the semifinals, they played inextricably with the winning favorites and the world's top team at the time, and they were not beaten until overtime. In the 2015 Women's World Cup, the Chinese women's football team performed even more refreshingly. They reached the quarterfinals all the way, but lost to the world champion US team in the quarterfinals and was eliminated. The average age of the Chinese women's football team was only 23.5 years old. , Is the youngest team in that World Cup, praised by the outside world as "reappearing sonorous roses."

然而,有了这些新力量,郝薇在2014年女足亚洲杯上向外界展示了女足的希望。年轻的中国女子足球队不仅获得了第三名并获得了女足世界杯冠军,而且还在半决赛中与当时的冠军和世界顶级球队密不可分,直到加时赛才被击败。在2015年女足世界杯上,中国女足的表现更加令人耳目一新。他们一路杀入四分之一决赛,但在四分之一决赛中输给了世界冠军美国队并被淘汰。中国女足的平均年龄只有23.5岁。 ,是该届世界杯上最年轻的球队,被外界誉为“重现玫瑰”。

From the perspective of Hao Wei's three years of building a new version of the golden generation for the Chinese women's football team, Hao Wei has three things to look forward to when he succeeds Li Xiaopeng again.


One is the acceleration of Luneng's exchange of blood. Earlier, Li Xiaopeng was dubbed "Li Taishou" by fans. One important reason was that fans thought he was too conservative with newcomers and did not dare to use newcomers. Hao Wei was good at dare to use newcomers. He publicly stated in the women's football era, "My team has no absolute main force, it depends on the training state." Even a big-name player like Ma Xiaoxu has missed women's football. It can be seen that Hao Wei looks like a white-faced scholar, but he is actually a ruthless character. During the fire fighting of the National Olympic team last year, Hao Wei was still only three months away from the U23 Asian Cup. It is foreseeable that after Hao Wei coaches Luneng, the promotion of newcomers will be significantly increased. If he can stay next year, Luneng will gradually complete the replacement. After the change of Luneng, the idea of ​​paying more attention to the football school spread like wildfire. Hao Wei, who is good at using newcomers, is more in line with the plan of the new master of Luneng.


The second is to bring more tenacity to Luneng. Luneng was known as the "tragic team" in the past, and repeatedly gave up in the face of powerful enemies, becoming a heart disease of Luneng fans. In the era of Li Xiaopeng, Luneng has changed significantly against powerful enemies. This year's group stage defeated Evergrande. Last year, the AFC defeated the powerful rivals of South Korea and Japan to qualify, and so far Luneng has not experienced a collapse. When Hao Wei coached the Chinese women's football team, he was not afraid of world-class teams such as Japan and the United States. He injected fighting spirit into the women's football girls and hoped that he could bring more tenacity to Luneng.


The third is to complete the transformation of the pass and control play. In the era of Li Xiaopeng, Luneng has been insisting on playing high in the past two seasons. This season has begun the transformation of ground pass control, but the team has not found the feeling. When Hao Wei previously coached the Chinese women's football team, he insisted on playing the game based on ground pass and control. The women's football not only has a new look, but also made people see hope in the game. After taking over Hiddink’s Olympic team last year, Hao Wei changed the Olympic long pass to ground pass control in a relatively short period of time. Although the Olympic team lost all three games and missed the Tokyo Olympics, But in the face of strong enemies such as South Korea and Iran, they can stick to their own style of play and contend with their opponents to the end. It is foreseeable that if Hao Wei is given time, he will gradually complete the transformation of Luneng's ground pass control, and the Luneng leader team will no longer exist.


Of course, whether Hao Wei is the interim coach or part of Luneng's future plans remains to be tested. At present, Hao Wei still has to lead Luneng to get past Guoan in the Super League knockout. As for his transformation of Luneng, it depends on how much time Luneng gives him. To


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