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At 8:30 on October 10, Beijing time, in the first round of the 2022 World Cup South American qualifiers, Brazil played against Bolivia at home.




This is the starting lineup of the Brazilian national team. Compared with the previous famous players, the "Football Kingdom" lineup, France, England, Germany and other 亚搏官网app登录European football powers, is the only one to fear, perhaps only Neymar.


In this 5-0 victory, Neymar made two assists, and “ranked third after Melo” was a well-deserved reputation. At the moment when Messi and Ronaldo are past their peak, it is not good to say that he is the best in the world. Over.


Liverpool centre forward Firmino, known for his few goals, scored twice.


It is worth mentioning that Barcelona’s "Mr. 160 million Euro" Coutinho, who has always wanted to sell but not sold, scored a goal and created an own own for the opponent, continuing the tradition of parallel imports in Barcelona and not at the top of Barcelona. .

值得一提的是,巴塞罗那的“ 1.6亿欧元先生”库蒂尼奥一直想出售但不出售,他打进了一个进球,为对手创造了一个自己的球队,延续了巴塞罗那平行进口而不是排在前列的传统巴塞罗那。

In the history of the Barcelona team, the most expensive player to sell is Neymar, 222 million euros, but this is the last thing Barcelona wants to sell.


The most expensive player to introduce is Coutinho, 160 million euros. At the time, the transfer transaction was incomprehensible. Was Coutinho just needed by Barcelona at the time?


It is true that no one in Barcelona can make up for the left-wing vacancy left by Neymar, and Dembele, who was bought for 150 million euros, is recovering. Coutinho has also played a left winger in Liverpool, but the output of goals is not high. This man is essentially a midfielder, an offensive midfielder, who does not have the position of a winger or scores goals or goals. The ability of teammates to create scoring亚搏官网app登录 opportunities. If you put him in the midfield, the organization is not as good as Harvey and Xiaobai, the interception is not as good as Busquets, Rakitic, and even Vidal.


The most important point, is it worth 160 million euros? If Barcelona just spends a small amount, then there will not be so much criticism. But Liverpool, they have a good grasp. Coutinho is what they don't want to give up. There is only one creative offensive midfielder in the formation, but it is not absolutely indispensable. Liverpool is the same as Dortmund: you know that you made 222 million euros by selling Neymar, and you want to buy someone to meet our asking price.


In the second half of the 2017-18 season, Coutinho played 18 times for Barcelona La Liga, started 16 times, contributed 8 goals and 5 assists, the data is not bad. But throughout the 2018-19 season, La Liga played 34 times, 22 starts, only 5 goals and 2 assists, which is not even worth a fraction of 160 million euros.


Before joining Barcelona, ​​he played 14 Premier League appearances in Liverpool's half-season, with 7 goals and 6 assists. The data for the 2016-17 season is 13 goals and 7 assists. His scoring ability is comparable to Mane, and he is stronger than center forward Firmino.

在加盟巴塞罗那之前,他在利物浦的半个赛季中参加了14次英超联赛露面,其中7个进球和6次助攻。 2016-17赛季的数据是13个进球和7个助攻。他的得分能力可与Mane相媲美,而且比中锋前锋Firmino更强。

In the summer of 2019, Barcelona rented Coutinho to Bayern. Bayern winger and midfielder are like clouds. Coutinho has limited playing time in the Bundesliga. But in the Champions League quarter-finals against FC Bayern, Coutinho came off the bench and completed 2 goals and 1 assist when the score was still Bayern 5:2, creating an 8:2 massacre.


In the South American first game of the World Preliminary, Coutinho made two more goals in the starting lineup, indicating that it is not so watery, but they are not playing for Barcelona.


In La Liga this season, Barcelona played 3 rounds, Coutinho started consecutively, contributing 1 goal and 2 assists. Under Koman, the Brazilian seems to be regaining the feeling of the game. With this momentum going on, the 28-year-old Brazilian may also be able to surprise Barcelona.


During Valverde's time, Barcelona used Coutinho as a pure winger. Under Koeman, as well as in the Brazilian national team and before Bayern, Coutinho's position was either a front midfielder or a midfielder. road. This shows that Coutinho is definitely not a parallel importer in a position that suits him.


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