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120 years ago, when modern football followed Western colonists into the overseas Chinese society, it became the darling of the rich along with tennis. In 1884, under the leadership of an overseas Chinese from Zhangpu, Koh Tiong Yan, a group of wealthy Singaporeans established the Straits Chinese Sports Association, which included football. In 1891, a special football club was established, which officially opened the door to the history of Chinese football in Singapore and Malaysia.

120年前,当现代足球跟随西方殖民者进入海外华人社会时,它与网球一起成为富人的宠儿。 1884年,一群来自章浦的海外华人在Koh Tiong Yan的领导下,一群富有的新加坡人成立了海峡中华体育协会,其中包括足球。 1891年,成立了一个特殊的足球俱乐部,正式为新加坡和马来西亚的中国足球历史打开了大门。

(Straits Chinese Sports Association)


At that time, for Stars, Horses and Nanyang, most of the participants in football came from famous families. For example, Tan Boo Liat, who was the vice chairman of the Singapore Chinese Football Association in 1911, was Singapore Kapitan. The grandson of Chen Tuk Seng; another example is the Chinese nationals of the Dutch East Indies. The Hong Djien (The Hong Djien) may come from the family of Cheng Sheng Ge in Kapitan, Surabaya, and Thio Kek Boo is the son of OCBC Bank’s director and shareholder Zhang Xiujie. Tjan Hing Kie's father runs a cane sugar business in Indonesia... and the one mentioned today also has a great background.

当时,对于星,马和南阳来说,足球比赛的参与者大多来自著名的家族。例如,1911年担任新加坡中国足球协会副主席的Tan Boo Liat是新加坡Kapitan。陈笃生的孙子;另一个例子是荷兰东印度人的中国国民。洪吉恩(The Hong Djien)可能来自泗水卡皮坦市的成胜阁一家,而Thio Kek Boo是华侨银行董事兼股东张秀洁的儿子。 Tjan Hing Kie的父亲在印度尼西亚经营蔗糖业务……而今天提到的蔗糖业务也有很大的背景。

(Chen Wulie, Singapore philanthropist)


In 1930, Xie Youxiang, an overseas Chinese in Singapore, passed away. The owner of Chop Hong Hoe was a successful businessman, active social activist, and lifeblood before his death. He took the lead in establishing the Singapore Zhangzhou Association and served as the first one. The financial director is one of the leaders of Zhangzhou nationality; he is the 13 founding party member of the Singapore branch of the Chinese G and Party, and actively participates in the domestic political arena; he is also the founding shareholder of Hefeng Bank and OCBC Bank.

1930年,新加坡的华侨谢友祥去世。 Chop Hong Hoe的所有者是一位成功的商人,活跃的社会活动家,在去世前曾是命脉。他带头建立了新加坡漳州协会,并担任了第一个协会。财务总监是漳州民族的领导人之一。他是中国G党新加坡分会的十三位创始党员,并积极参加国内政治舞台。他还是合丰银行和华侨银行的创始股东。

(Xie Youxiang)


At this time, Chia Boon Leong, the sixth master of the Xie family, was just 5 years old. It is worth mentioning that this iconic figure who grew into a Singapore football legend in the future has been misled by the Chinese media in mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaya for a long time, even including the Chinese team’s "14th World Games". In the Handbook of the Chinese Delegation, it is also recorded as Xie Wenliang. But according to Xie Youxiang's tombstone, it should be Wenlong.

此时,谢氏家族的第六位大师Chia Boon Leong才5岁。值得一提的是,这位标志性人物未来成长为新加坡足球传奇人物,在中国大陆,香港和马来亚的中国媒体长期以来一直在误导,甚至包括中国队的“第十四届世界运动会”。在中国代表团手册中,它也被记录为谢文亮。但根据谢有祥的墓碑,应该是文龙。

When Xie Wenlong was young, the first sport he came into contact with was tennis. Once again, he fell in love with football because of Chinese tennis. Since then, he has been out of control. He and his friends created the Pasir Panjang Rangers team named after the local name. Many of his teammates later became prominent figures in Singapore football. During the Japanese occupation, the team was coached by Singaporean football stars Tan Lai Chuan and Chua Boon Lay. The latter, known as "Towkay Ayam" (Towkay Ayam), has become the leader of Xie Wenlong's Chinese national team.

谢文龙年轻时,他接触的第亚搏官网app登录一项运动是网球。由于中国网球,他再次爱上了足球。从那以后,他一直处于失控状态。他和他的朋友创建了以当地名字命名的巴西班让巡游者队。他的许多队友后来成为新加坡足球界的杰出人物。在日本占领期间,该团队由新加坡足球明星谭来川和蔡文礼执教。后者被称为“ Towkay Ayam”(Towkay Ayam),现已成为谢文龙中国国家队的队长。

(Xie Wenlong)

(X IE wen龙)

Because of his short stature, Xie Wenlong, who is only 1.6 meters tall, is not favored by people. Although he showed good skills when he was studying at Raffles Academy, in the eyes of those "old seniors", his physical condition is not good. Have the necessary factors to become a successful athlete. However, often such so-called "experienced" predictions can always inspire people's potential and fighting spirit. Xie Wenlong and his Rangers won all the awards at their level in 1943-1945 and aspired to Singapore amateur football in 1948. League championship. At this time, no one said anything about him.


In 1947, the Singapore Chinese Football Association formed the Lianhua Football Team. Li Huitang led the team to the Far East to compete. With his excellent team, Xie Wenlong helped the team win 16 victories in 23 games and won the top scorer. This kind of performance even attracted the attention of the Hong Kong League One team Sing Tao. This team with the same background of Nanyang Capital opened a generous invitation for Xie Wenlong, but was rejected. This result made the then chairman of the Hong Kong Football Association. With a sigh, he missed the "perpetual motion player" he called.


In 1948, the London Olympics was about to be held. The Chinese Football Association held a selection in Hong Kong. Xie Wenlong and Zhu Zhicheng, also an overseas Chinese from Singapore, entered the final list. He has already conquered Hong Kong monarchs in the previous tour, so he must be shortlisted." What's interesting is that the Chinese Singaporeans at the time, especially the upper class, all obtained British status through different channels. At this time, the Nanyang overseas Chinese in the Chinese team used their Chinese identities to compete, which caused a lot of local controversy. The English-language newspaper "Straits Times" specially wrote an article to discuss this situation, "As a British-born Chinese in British Malaya, should he enter London as a Chinese citizen? Should the Straits Chinese society support it?" The newspaper said,


Therefore, Xie Wenlong followed the Chinese team to London with his superb skills and the expected social expectations. He was given a No. 15 uniform. In the first round of the national football match against the Turkish team, because several candidates did not meet the head coach Li亚搏体育app网页 Huitang Xie Wenlong was dispatched to make his debut, hoping to use his passing ability to organize the offense. Although his performance was positive and his passing was in place, it was still difficult to create a chance for his teammates to score in front of the long-spanned Turkish team, and the national football team was also defeated in the rain. Nevertheless, Xie Wenlong also broke the record of his master Cai Wenli, becoming the first and only international player in the history of Singapore to play in a football match.


Although the trip to London failed, it was also a success. In 1954, a company organized Malayan stars to communicate with the United Kingdom. Xie Wenlong got a precious opportunity to train with Arsenal for two months. He wore a red and white team uniform with a group of Assen. Navigating the stars on the same field is a peak of football career.

尽管到伦敦的旅行失败了,但也成功了。 1954年,一家公司组织了马来亚明星与英国进行交流。谢文龙获得了宝贵的机会与阿森纳进行为期两个月的培训。他和一组阿森(Assen)穿着红色和白色的团队制服。在同一个领域中漫游明星是足球生涯的高峰。

However, for Xie Wenlong, the path of the Chinese international came to an abrupt end due to historical changes. He chose to represent Singapore in the Asian Games in 1954. A year later, only 30 years old Xie Wenlong chose to retreat from the rapids. He said, "Successful athletes should Quit the sport gracefully instead of being eliminated."

但是,对于谢文龙而言,由于历史变迁,中国国际化道路突然终结。 1954年,他选择代表新加坡参加亚运会。一年后,只有30岁的谢文龙选择从急流中退缩。他说:“成功的运动员应该优雅地退出这项运动,而不是被淘汰。”

(Xie Wenlong was photographed at home in the Chinese team uniform when he was 50 years old)


For Xie Wenlong, as a Singaporean Chinese on the Straits, the highest honor in this life is to represent his motherland in the Olympic Games. Perhaps this is also the tradition of the Xie family, "Showing white tonight, the moon is the hometown of Ming", since his father Xie Youxiang is active Participating in the process of moving from the motherland to the republic, until he resisted public opinion and returned to the country for selection and competition, this Chinese native of Shitang Village, Haicang District, Xiamen, Fujian has never forgotten the connection with his homeland.


In 2012, at the invitation of Singapore’s Straits Times,


Time has passed for half a century, and the group of young people who galloped under Li Huitang, the "king of the ball", has gradually withered. As the youngest player on the team at that time, Xie Wenlong may be the only one who has made great achievements. "For the overseas Chinese players, Xie Wenlong is also the last.

时间已经过去了半个世纪,在“舞者之王”李惠堂的带领下疾驰的一群年轻人逐渐枯萎了。作为当时车队中最年轻的球员,谢文龙可能是唯一一位成绩斐然的人。 “对于海外华人球员,谢文龙也是最后一名。

Now, 95-year-old Xie Wenlong is living in Singapore. That exciting experience has become a thing of the past in the gray and white photos. As the last representative of the Chinese and overseas Chinese returning to serve the National Football Team, he may be waiting quietly. Here comes a new descendant...


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