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亚搏官网app登录|国足三大理由要归化特谢拉!各方需给力 放弃他等于放弃亚洲梅西
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亚搏官网app登录|国足三大理由要归化特谢拉!各方需给力 放弃他等于放弃亚洲梅西

Recently, the naturalization issue of Teixeira has become the focus of attention of fans. According to foreign media reports, the Saudi team Riyadh Crescent has withdrawn the sky-high contract to Teixeira. In addition, the chairman of the Football Association Chen Xuyuan put forward the goal of "striving to enter the World Cup" when visiting the national football team. Various signs indicate that Teixeira The naturalization of football is now dawning, and if all parties give strength, Teixeira will stay in the Super League and have great hopes of playing for the national football team.


On the one hand, many media have reported that the national football team recruits no more than four people for naturalized players, and the senior officials of the Football Association have previously expressed the view that "the maximum number of naturalized players is three or four people"; A naturalized goal may become a reality, which means that the national football team has to add another naturalized player. Is there any contradiction in this? This is also a concern for many fans.

一方面,许多媒体报道说,国家橄榄球队招募入籍球员的人数不得超过四人,而足协高级官员此前曾表示,“入籍球员的最大人数为三,四人。 “;一个入籍的目标可能成为现实,这意味着国家橄榄球队必须增加另一名入籍的球员。这有矛盾吗?这也是许多粉丝关注的问题。

In fact, this problem is not difficult to solve. In my opinion, naturalizing Teixeira is a top priority. The national football team has at least three reasons to keep Teixeira.


First of all, Teixeira's personal ability is enough to bring qualitative changes to the national football team.


Moreover, Teixeira's tactical adaptability is extremely strong. During the period of Suning Tesco, he can partner with high center forwards like Santini, form a death double with Edel, and even play three forwards. This means that among the existing forwards of the National Football Team, no matter high center forwards such as Dong Xuesheng and Zhang Yuning, or fast horses such as Wei Shihao and Wu Lei, they can partner with Teixeira. In addition, the national football midfielder does not currently have a particularly strong core player. There must be players who are good at breaking through with the ball on the front line. Teixeira's breakthroughs and shots are at the top level of the Chinese Super League and even in Asia. With him, the national football's frontcourt offense is considered to be Have thighs you can rely on.


Secondly, even if there are really four naturalization quota restrictions, others have to make way for Teixeira.


In other words, in addition to Jiang Guangtai, other naturalized players entering the national football team, although they can improve the strength of the national football team, it is difficult to bring a qualitative change to the national football team. Teixeira's personal abilities far exceed the current naturalized players of the national football team. Once he can play for the national football team, he will become the well-deserved number one star of the national football team. Prior to this, Li Tie has stated that in order to form a competitive atmosphere in the national football team, even naturalized players must compete for posts. In the national football forward competition, Exon, Fernando, Alan and others are all far away from Te Xie. Pull down, so if there is a four-person limit, it is not Teixeira that should worry, but Exon, Alan and others.


Finally, the national football team must not be self-confined, once other international players let go of naturalization, we will regret that we missed Teixeira.


Even if the national football team cannot fully liberalize naturalization like other countries, it should make full use of the resources at hand to maximize the level of the national football team and not leave oneself with regrets. Some fans on the Internet have said that Teixeira is in Asian football, which is equivalent to Messi in South American football. If Messi can be naturalized, which country can give up such an opportunity? A player like Teixeira who meets the conditions and has enough strength can meet but not ask for it. Now the opportunity is in front of the national football team. It depends on the efforts of all parties to complete this task. To


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