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2020. 10.07-2020.10.11

2020. 10.07-2020.10.11

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The 2020-2021 season Valencia lineup number is determined:




2. Thierry Correa

2.蒂埃里·科雷亚(Thierry Correa)

3. Lato


4. Mangala


5. Paulista


6. Kondo BIA


7. Gedders


8. Soler


9. Gamero


11. Sofrino


12. Diaby


13. Celison


14. Gaya


15. Ugo gilliamon


17. Cherishev


18. Gas


19. Racic


20. Li gangren

20. l i港人

21. Manu barrejo


22. Maxi Gomez


23. Hassen


25. Christian Rivero


37. Alex Blanco


Source: Valencia official website






1. The youth academy of the Valencia Club continues to expand in the international market, and Valencia will establish a second youth academy in Seoul. The New Valencia Youth Academy in Seoul will be located in S-Build Futsal Park, which has the infrastructure to cultivate talents. Three eight-a-side courts and two eleven-a-side courts will be provided, as well as matching coach and player locker rooms and training rooms. {Official website of Valencia}

1.瓦伦西亚俱乐部的青年学院继续在国际市场上扩张,瓦伦西亚将在汉城建立第二所青年学院。首尔的新瓦伦西亚青年学院将位于S-Build Futsal公园,该公园拥有培养人才的基础设施。将提供三个八人制球场和两个十一人制球场,以及相配的教练和球员更衣室以及培训室。 {瓦伦西亚的官方网站}

2. Former Valencia player and current club ambassador Tendillo donated sports equipment to Somalia on behalf of the Valencia club. The event is part of the local youth activities of the EU Army in Somalia. {Official website of Valencia}

2.前瓦伦西亚球员和现任俱乐部大使滕迪略代表瓦伦西亚俱乐部向索马里捐赠了运动器材。该活动是欧盟驻索马里当地青年活动的一部分。 {瓦伦西亚的官方网站}

3. The Food Bank was awarded by the Valencia City Council for its cooperation with the Valencia Club. {Official website of Valencia}

3.食物银行因与瓦伦西亚俱乐部的合作而被瓦伦西亚市议会授予。 {瓦伦西亚的官方网站}

4. On October 9th, Valencia Region Day, activities include a fireworks display at midnight on October 8th to celebrate the beginning of the event. The next day, the regional flag will be paraded from Santa Maria Cathedral to the City Hall, in James Stopped at the statue of King I and presented flowers to it. {Official website of Valencia}

4.在10月9日(巴伦西亚大区日),活动包括10月8日午夜举行的焰火表演,以庆祝活动的开始。第二天,该地区的国旗将从圣玛丽亚大教堂游行到市政厅,在詹姆斯·斯托德一世国王雕像旁停放并向其献花。 {瓦伦西亚的官方网站}

1. There have been rumors that Valencia coach Xavi Gracia is considering resigning. But recently, Harvey Gracia issued a statement that he made it clear that he will continue to serve as the coach of Valencia. {Understand the ball Emperor}

有传言说瓦伦西亚教练哈维·格拉西亚正在考虑辞职。但是最近,哈维·格拉西亚(Harvey Gracia)发表声明,明确表示他将继续担任瓦伦西亚的教练。 {了解球皇}

2. According to the "Roma Sport" report, Napoli striker Milic will train alone until January after he refuses to join Florence and Valencia on the transfer deadline. {Live it}

2.根据“罗马体育”报道,那不勒斯前锋米利克在转会截止日期拒绝加入佛罗伦萨和巴伦西亚后,将独自训练至一月。 {生活}

3. According to the Spanish media "Super Sport", Valencia is close to signing Cameroon striker Emana. In the 19/20 season, Little Emana played 27 times for Ebro in all competitions and scored 2 goals. After signing Emana Junior, Valencia will register him with the B team. {Understand the ball Emperor}

3.根据西班牙媒体“超级体育”的报道,瓦伦西亚快要签下喀麦隆前锋埃玛纳。在19/20赛季,Little Emana在所有比赛中为Ebro效力27次,进球2个。在签下Emana Junior之后,瓦伦西亚将在B队中进行注册。 {了解球皇}

4. According to many media sources, Atletico Madrid has selected the candidate to replace Thomas, that is, Valencia midfielder Kondobia. A personal agreement of 3 million euros has been reached, but I Lun firmly stated that he wanted to sign or break the c亚搏官网app登录ontract. gold. {Tiger sports}

4.根据许多媒体的消息,马德里亚搏体育app网页竞技队已经选择了替代托马斯的候选人,即瓦伦西亚中场康多比亚。已达成300万欧元的个人协议,但我伦坚定地表示,他想签署或取消合同。金。 {老虎运动}

5. Thierry Correa is the fastest player in the 4th and 5th rounds of the league, 35.1 km/h. The closest to him is Valladolid Eljamíc’s 34.8 km/h. The third is the 34.2 km/h of Weskala Famil. {Official website of Valencia}

5.蒂埃里·科雷亚(Thierry Correa)是联盟第4轮和第5轮最快的球员,时速35.1公里。离他最近的是巴利亚多利德·埃尔亚米奇(ValladolidEljamíc)的34.8公里/小时第三个是Weskala Famil每小时34.2公里。 {瓦伦西亚的官方网站}

6. Former Valencia player Ricardo Costa recently returned to Valencia and visited Mestalla's eternal journey with his family, showing his family the four-year stadium. {Official website of Valencia}

6.前瓦伦西亚选手里卡多·科斯塔最近回到瓦伦西亚,与家人一起参观了梅斯塔拉的永恒旅程,向家人展示了这座为期四年的体育场。 {瓦伦西亚的官方网站}

7. The German transfer market on the data website recently counted the most expensive La Liga 11-man lineup without the Western Super Three, Valencia striker Maxi Gomez (35 million euros), midfielder Soler (30 million euros) ), defender Gaya (30 million euros) was selected. {Understand the ball Emperor}

7.数据网站上的德国转会市场最近统计出西甲三人队中最昂贵的西甲11人阵容,巴伦西亚前锋马克西·戈麦斯(3500万欧元),中场索勒(3000万欧元),后卫加耶(30岁)百万欧元)被选中。 {了解球皇}



1. Musi: "At the beginning of the season we faced a very difficult challenge. This challenge is almost impossible to complete. Our revenue dropped from 200 million euros to 100 million euros, a difference of 100 million. That is a lot of money. .However, we have a very clear goal: to reduce the cost of the team and solve the difference of 100 million euros. In addition, we also hope to strengthen team building. In the end, we cannot achieve the first goal of reducing the cost of the team, and we are currently in To some extent, it has exceeded the limits of the fiscal fairness policy. If our first goal cannot be achieved, it will be impossible to sign up for the team." {Valencia official website}

1.穆西:“在赛季开始之初,我们面临着非常艰巨的挑战。这一挑战几乎是不可能完成的。我们的收入从2亿欧元下降到1亿欧元,相差1亿欧元。这是一笔不小的数目。但是,我们有一个非常明确的目标:降低团队成本并解决1亿欧元的差额;此外,我们也希望加强团队建设,最终,我们无法实现降低团队成本的第一个目标。团队的成本,而我们目前在某种程度上已经超出了财政公平政策的极限。如果我们的第一个目标无法实现,就不可能加入团队。” {瓦伦西亚官方网站}

2. Gracia: "First of all, I want to thank the players and staff for their strong support to me these days. In addition, I also want to thank all the fans who have expressed sympathy and concern for me on the Internet and in reality. In order to avoid Necessary rumors, I now decide to be clear, that is, I have handed over my future to the club owner and chairman to decide." {Know the ball Emperor}

2.格拉西亚(Gracia):“首先,我要感谢球员和工作人员近来对我的大力支持。此外,我还要感谢所有在互联网和互联网上对我表示同情和关注的球迷。现实。为了避免不必要的谣言,我现在决定清楚一点,就是说,我已将我的未来移交给了俱乐部老板和董亚搏官网app登录事长来决定。” {知道球皇帝}

3. Rivero: "I like Santi Cañizares' personality on the court and his ability to organize defenses. He looks like another type of goalkeeper." {Valencia Official website}

3.里维罗:“我喜欢桑蒂·卡尼萨雷斯在球场上的个性以及他组织防守的能力。他看起来像是另一种类型的守门员。” {瓦伦西亚官方网站}

4. Ricardo Costa: "I can still remember the experience of playing here. I remember what the photos of the stadium, locker room and players looked like." {Valencia official website}

4.里卡多·科斯塔(Ricardo Costa):“我仍然记得在这里打球的经历。我记得体育场,更衣室和球员的照片是什么样的。” {瓦伦西亚官方网站}

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