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On October 20th, Beijing time, the American media Fadeaway World analyzed the five potential next homes of Kyle Kuzma during the offseason. Kuzma's poor performance in the playoffs averaged only 10 points, 3.1 rebounds, 0.8 assists, 0.29 steals, 0.33 blocks, 43% shooting and 31% three-point shooting. The defensive end was still a loophole in the finals. Jimmy Butler was repeatedly In response, he did not have sparks with Zhan Mei, and his contract is about to expire in one season, the Lakers team reporter Mike Trudell has revealed that the Lakers will listen to Kuzma's offer. Of course, Pelinka also hopes to help the Lakers achieve reinforcements when trading Kuzma. FW's analysis is as follows:

北京时间10月20日,美国媒体《衰落世界》(Fadeaway World)在休赛期分析了凯尔·库兹玛(Kyle Kuzma)的五个潜在下一居所。库兹马在季后赛中的糟糕表现场均只有10分,3.1篮板,0.8助攻,0.29抢断,0.33盖帽,43%的命中率和31%的三分球命中率。防守端仍然是决赛中的漏洞。湖人队记者迈克·特鲁德尔(Mike Trudell)透露,吉米·巴特勒(Jimmy Butler)多次做出回应,他与詹梅(Jhan Mei)没有火花,他的合同即将在一个赛季到期,他透露湖人将听取库兹马的报价。当然,佩林卡也希望在交易库兹马时帮助湖人实现增援。 FW的分析如下:

Fifth, enter the Jazz for Donovan Mitc亚搏体育app网页hell. This analysis is pure nonsense, because Mitchell is the third season of the rookie this year. Like Kuzma, even if he reached a five-year, 170 million maximum salary extension contract with the Jazz during the offseason, his new contract will be in 2021. It only expires in the summer of the year, and his salary next season is only 5.2 million. How could the Lakers need to send Kuzma + Caruso + Danny Green + Cook + Bradley + the 28th pick in 2020? FW even got Mitchell's contract renewal time wrong, and Ingram was the 2016 rookie offseason and renewed directly instead of early. (So ​​this is not true, just look at it, the US media’s mistake)

第五,进入多诺万·米切尔(Donovan Mitchell)的爵士乐。这种分析纯粹是胡说八道,因为米切尔是今年新秀的第三个赛季。像库兹马一样,即使他在休赛期与亚搏官网app登录爵士队达成了一份为期五年,最高1.7亿美元的续约合同,他的新合同也将在2021年到期。该合同仅在当年夏天到期,而下个赛季的工资仅520万。湖人怎么可能需要在2020年送给库兹马+卡鲁索+丹尼·格林+库克+布拉德利+第28顺位? FW甚至弄错了Mitchell的续约时间,Ingram是2016年的新秀休赛期,直接而不是提早续约。 (所以这不是真的,只是看一下,美国媒体的错误)

Fourth, enter the Bulls for Zach LaVine. This deal is achievable, but there is no need to send so many people, because LaVine’s salary next season is 19.50 million, Danny Green next season’s 15 million, Kurtz Ma next season is 3.56 million, which means that these two people can equalize LaVine's salary space. There is no need to add Caruso, Bradley, and Cook, but I think I need to send a few more in the first round. .

第四,进入扎克·拉文的公牛队。这笔交易是可以实现的,但是没有必要派那么多人,因为LaVine下个赛季的薪水是1,950万,Danny Green下个赛季的薪水是1,500亚搏体育app网页万,Kurtz Ma下个赛季的薪水是356万,这意味着这两个人可以使LaVine的薪水相等空间。无需添加Caruso,Bradley和Cook,但我认为我需要在第一轮再发送一些。 。

Third, enter the Wizards for Bradley Beal. Bill's salary next season is $28.75 million. The Lakers send Kuzma + Caruso + Green + Cook + Bradley + the 28th pick can equalize the salary space. , This deal can be done, but I think these chips are too small, the Lakers also need to send a few more draft picks to be possible.

第三,进入布拉德利·比尔的奇才队。比尔下个赛季的薪水是2875万美元。湖人队送库兹马+卡鲁索+格林+库克+布拉德利+第28顺位可以使薪水空间相等。 ,这笔交易可以完成,但我认为这些筹码太小,湖人还需要再发送一些选秀权。

Second, enter the Blazers for CJ McCollum. McCollum's salary next season is 29.35 million. The Lakers sent Kuzma + Caruso + Green + Cook + Bradley can indeed balance the salary space, but they have to trade for a backcourt with an average of 20+ per game. It feels unrealistic not to send the first round.

其次,为CJ McCollum进入开拓者队。麦科勒姆下个赛季的薪水为2935万。湖人派出库兹马+卡鲁索+格林+库克+布拉德利确实可以平衡薪资空间,但他们必须以平均每场20+的后场交易。不发送第一轮比赛是不现实的。

First, enter the Thunder to trade Chris Paul. Unable to equalize the salary space, Paul’s salary next season is 41.5 million. After sending these four people, they are only 29.32 million. The Lakers need to clear at least 33 million of the maximum salary contract space to get Paul. So the Lakers need to do something to get Paul. Operation is only hopeful, such as renewing some players and sending them to the Thunder. There are still great ways to make this deal.

首先,进入Thunder以交易Chris Paul。保罗无法平衡薪金空间,下个赛季的薪水为4150万。派出这四个人之后,他们只有2932万。湖人需要清除至少3,300万的最高工资合同空间才能得到保罗。所以湖人需要做些事情来得到保罗。操作只是希望,例如更新一些玩家并将其发送到Thunder。达成交易仍然有很多方法。

Who do you think Kuzma can trade for? I think it is difficult for the Lakers to reinforce the offseason trade. The probability of changing Rose is a bit higher. The biannual exception + middle-class exception signing is also a good choice.


By Yan Xiaobai

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