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Good morning everyone, and welcome to the April 26th.


Yesterday evening, a Twitter netizen broke the news that Shenzhen Football General Manager Ding Yong had instructed some media and reporters to publish articles to discredit Tianhai, which caused an uproar in domestic football.


Subsequently, the Shenzhen Football Club had issued a post overnight denying the incident, and many reporters also responded positively to the incident, saying that the news was an online rumor. Now, in what form will this sudden farce end?


The official statement of the Shenzhen Football Club stated that the "payment" of slander Tianhai was untrue, and the club reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibility of the disseminator of false news.


In the early morning of the 26th, several reporters responded to the “deeply discrediting Tianhai” incident, saying that they had never deliberately discredited Tianhai and hoped that the police would directly intervene in the investigation.


Recently, the British football magazine "442" selected the 25 greatest stars of the past 25 years. Barcelona captain Messi topped the list, Ronaldo and Zidane ranked second and third.

最近,英国足球杂志“ 442”评选了过去25年中的25个最伟大的明星。巴塞罗那队长梅西位居榜首,罗纳尔多和齐达内分别排名第二和第三。

According to the "Daily Mail", a 99-year-old World War II veteran provided a donation of 28 million pounds to the NHS. This kind deed also allowed him to receive thanks and tribute from many famous Liverpool players.


Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Premier League is still in a suspended state, and it is still unknown when to resume training and restart the league. Before the lockout, Liverpool led the Premier League standings, 25 points ahead of second-placed Manchester City. After completing the season normally, the Red Army is very likely to win the first Premier League championship trophy in team history.


As the Saudi consortium is close to completing the acquisition of Newcastle United, the "World Sports Daily" analyzes accordingly that Barcelona may become one of the beneficiaries of this acquisition.


According to the Greek media SDNA, Greek giants Olympiacos is suspected of manipulating the results of the game in 2015. If this news is true, Olympiacos will be directly degraded and the club chairman Marinakis will be banned for life.


On April 25, the Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard Football Club officially announced that the team began to implement a salary reduction plan.


Wang Dalei posted on social media the jersey of Zheng Zhiguo's 100 games, and there was a message from Zheng Zhi to Wang Dalei on the jersey.


On April 25th, Beijing time, according to the "New Express" report, Tianjin Tianhai Club has owed wages for more than three months, and the sponsorship funds promised by Vantone Holdings has not yet arrived. At present, the club is in a dilemma and the prospect is unclear.


Former Guoan foreign aid Yilmaz recalled his life in the Super League in an interview recently, and said that the Chinese have no moderation in eating and he was shocked by what he ate.


Regarding the Dutch Football Association's decision to cancel the Eredivisie this season, as well as to cancel the championship and relegation, Ajax's frontcourt general Ziyeh also publicly expressed his dissatisfaction.


When chatting with former teammate Ventura on Instagram recently, Vieri revealed that he went out to play almost every night while playing for Atletico Madrid, but still took the league golden boots.

维埃里(Vieri)最近在Instagram上与前队友文图拉(Ventura)聊天时,透露他几乎每天晚上都在为马德里竞技(Atletico Madrid)踢球,但仍然拿下了联盟的金靴子。

Recently, England star Gary Neville was interviewed. He said that for Sancho this year's young players, people are a little swayed.


Paris midfielder Verratti accepted the invitation of the jersey sponsor Accor Group to h亚搏体育app网页ave an interview with women's football player Laure Boulleau and a fan. He talked about the attraction of Paris to players.

巴黎中场球员Verratti接受了球衣赞助商Accor Group的邀请,接受了女足球员Laure Boulleau和球迷的采访。他谈到了巴黎对球员的吸引力。

In an interview, Diego Costa, who broke up between Chelsea and Conte before, said bluntly that if the Italian coach manages a club like Real Madrid, he will not last a season.

在一次采访中,迭戈·科斯塔(Diego Costa)曾在切尔西(Chelsea)和孔戴(Conte)之间分手,他直言不讳地表示,如果意大利教练管理像皇家马德里这样的俱乐部,他将不会持续一个赛季。

Not long ago, Portuguese star Ronaldo updated his social media. He posted a photo of his home fitness and called on everyone to act together.


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