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亚搏官网app登录-这颠倒的世界!枪手防守稳固=英超异类 塔帅靠1人可破进攻迷局
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亚搏官网app登录-这颠倒的世界!枪手防守稳固=英超异类 塔帅靠1人可破进攻迷局

Source/"Daily Telegraph"


Author/Sam Dean

作者/ Sam Dean

When many Premier League teams were involved in a "goal storm", Arsenal became restrained instead. Seeing other competitors beside him are scoring crazy goals with an unprecedented efficiency in the new season, the Gunners trained by Arteta have been quite "boring" in the past few weeks.


In the past few seasons, Arsenal has always been an active participant in various "goal feasts". But suddenly, the Gunners fans discovered that their home team has become one of the most stable defensive teams in the entire league. This is indeed an unexpected big change. After all, in the past ten years, Arsenal has always had the distinctive characteristics of "defense instability". However, this season's record and various statistics are telling us: This team's defense is very solid, which is a fact.


Yes, we are in an alternative season that is subverting all kinds of traditions. Therefore, Arsenal's defense has also begun to become solid. Is that true? Well, let's take a look at the Premier League table first!


Of course, a 30-minute collective collapse is enough to produce another subversive change... But based on the current situation, we must admit that under the command of Arteta, this team’s defense is indeed stronger than ever. .

当然,一次30分钟的集体崩溃足以产生另一次颠覆性变化。但是,根据当前情况,我们必须承认,在阿尔塔塔(Arteta)的领导下,这支球队的防守确实比以往任何时候都要强大。 。

"The team's first defensive player is the forward," David Luiz concluded. This season he and the Brazilian fellow Gabriel formed a central defender combination that has gradually improved. "They have completed their tasks and gave their opponents timely. Putting pressure on makes everything easier. Mikel (Arteta) has brought us a great idea that defense should not be just the job of defense and goalkeeper. The entire team must work hard, Do this work together seriously."

“球队的第一个防守球员是前锋,”大卫·路易斯表示。这个赛季,他和巴西同胞加布里埃尔(Gabriel)组成了中央后卫组合,并逐渐得到改善。 “他们已经完成了任务,及时地给了对手。施加压力使一切变得容易。Mikel(Arteta)给我们带来了一个好主意,即防守不应该仅仅是防守和守门员的工作。认真合作。”

In the midweek game against Vienna, Arsenal's loss of goals was only related to goalkeeper Leno's personal error, and did not involve any structural problems. Not only that, we can even find many defensive highlights through this game. For example, the newly joined midfielder Thomas has shown a strong sense of defensive responsibility-he can always predict danger in advance and take the initiative to protect the defense.


There is no doubt that Arsenal's performance in the backcourt is worthy of encouragement, but this seems to have produced a "side effect". That is, while limiting the number of goals conceded, the scoring opportunities created by Arsenal in the frontcourt are also decreasing. As of this round, Arsenal have only created 26 sports scoring opportunities in the league this season, ranking 17th among 20 teams, and even Brighton has created 48 opportunities in 5 league rounds. .

毫无疑问,阿森纳在后场的表现值得鼓励,但这似乎产生了“副作用”。也就是说,尽管限制了进球数,但阿森纳在前场创造亚搏体育app网页的得分机会也在减少。截至本轮比赛,阿森纳本赛季仅创造了26项体育得分机会,在20支球队中排名第17,甚至布莱顿也在5轮创造了48机会。 。

The actual performance and the predictions made by many senior Gunners fans are almost completely reversed. Before the start of the season, many fans predicted that Arsenal would become the craziest team in an open, chaotic, crazy scoring season (most of the games that have ended so far).


On Monday morning Beijing time, Arsenal will face Leicester City in the sixth round of the league. The challenge for Arteta is: how to continue to ensure a solid line of defense, while also allowing the attackers to create more opportunities. As a result, we naturally focused our attention on Thomas, who spent 45 million pounds to sign the new aid from Atletico Madrid and will become the focus of the game.

北京时间周一早晨,阿森纳将在联赛第六轮面对莱斯特城。 Arteta面临的挑战是:如何继续确保牢固的防御线,同时还允许攻击者创造更多机会。结果,我们自然地将注意力集中在了托马斯身上,他花了4500万英镑从马德里竞技队签下了新的助攻,并将成为比赛的重点。

The first round of the Europa League group stage in the middle of the week was Thomas’ debut at Arsenal. We can see that the various through balls he sent to his teammates are very penetrating.


As a "moving against the trend" team, can Arsenal allow Thomas, who has both offensive and defensive capabilities, to be integrated into this system, and then liberate other attackers in the frontcourt? This may be the key issue that determines the success or failure of a season.


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