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亚搏体育app网页|李霄鹏:60多天不容易所有人都是英雄 争2?看天意
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亚搏体育app网页|李霄鹏:60多天不容易所有人都是英雄 争2?看天意

Source: Niu Zhiming Luneng Mount Tai information


   On September 26, Beijing time, the pre-match press conference between Shandong Luneng and Guangzhou R&F of the Chinese Super League was held. Luneng coaches Li Xiaopeng and Zheng Zheng attended. Li Xiaopeng revealed that no one player wants to take a break and wants to play. He has many choices. When asked whether the three old players are expected to appear on the field, Li Xiaopeng gave a humorous answer.


   For this game, Li Xiaopeng first stated: "I hope the game can start and end well, and all the players will play the last game seriously." Zheng Zheng also stated: "Go all out to play the last game in Dalian."


Judging from the current situation, Luneng still has the possibility of competing for second place. Regarding the situation of the team and the goal of competing for second place, Li Xiaopeng gave his own answer: "It is indeed not easy for more than 60 days. All people here are heroes. , I communicate with many players, I hope they take a break, but none of the players are willing to take a break, and they are all competing to play. I have more options. Fight 2, there is nothing for me to fight 2 and not fight 2, we just fight hard Just do your own game, the rest is God’s will."


Now Luneng's potential opponents are Guoan, Huaxia and Chongqing. When asked if they would start preparing for the second stage of the game in advance, Li Xiaopeng said frankly: "The main thing is to prepare for this game. There is still a long time to prepare for the opponent over there. "In addition, there are many old Luneng players in the R&F team. Chen Zhechao and Li Songyi are on loan, and Song Wenjie is a transfer. When asked whether the three of them avoided and whether they were concerned about the performance of the two loaned players, Li Xiaopeng said with a smile: "Let them play, they may not be ashamed to play, after all, they are all teammates, how do they play in R&F Through my understanding, they are very serious and have brought a lot of good things to our team. As for their performance, I think they have not yet played their best strength."

现在鲁能的潜在对手是国安,华夏和重庆。当被问及他们是否会提前为第二阶段比赛做准备时,李小鹏坦率地说:“主要是为这场比赛做准备。在那里还有很长的时间为对手做准备。” ,R&F团队中有许多老鲁能球员。陈哲超和李松一被借出,宋文杰是转让人。当被问及他们三人是否回避以及是否担心两名租借球员的表现时,李晓鹏笑着说:“让他们踢球,他们可能不会以踢球为耻,毕竟,他们都是队友,他们如何在富力中发挥作用据我了解,他们非常认真,为我们的团队带来了很多好处。至于他们的表现,我认为他们还没有发挥出自己的最佳实力。”

Finally, when asked if he was satisfied with the team’s performance in the first stage and the attitude towards R&F, Li X亚搏官网app登录iaopeng said: “It’s okay to be able to go out from here as a complete person. Everyone has worked hard. The game is still serious to play."


From the perspective of Luneng’s lineup, there is still a lot of room for adjustment in this game. Zheng Zheng, who is on the defensive line, returns to the main force, and Zhang Chi can also take turns. The midfielders also have multiple choices. Li Xiaopeng must lead the team to get it first. 3 points, then look at the results of the rest of the game to determine the final ranking.

从鲁能的阵容来看,这款游戏仍有很大的调整空间。处于防御线上的郑正返回主力军,张驰也可以轮流使用。中场也有多种选择。李小鹏必须带领团队率先获得胜利。 3分,然后查看游戏其余部分的结果,以确定最终排名。

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