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The thing is like this, the boys of the Chinese U19 men's football team who were training in Shanghai on the evening of May 30 were a bit greedy after the night rounds. They first ran out of the room and had a supper, and then went to the bar to dance. These are 18 or 19-year-old boys, it is inevitable to be playful, but they are a group of Chinese football hopes that bear the national name, and withstand the danger of the epidemic and the team rules.


It is a group of players including Tao Qianglong, He Longhai, and Han Dong who suffered the humiliation of Korean players after a 0-3 defeat to South Korea a year ago. Maybe the lads feel that if they are aggrieved on the court, they must move back to other areas. After all, in terms of income and the attitude of enjoying life, Korean players may not have an "advantage" over us.


Of course, we can find 10,000 reasons for them. For example, they are still young, they are still in the age of playfulness, the life of football players is too boring, their minds and worldview are not mature enough, maybe they just want to see adulthood Isn't the foreign player also addicted to tobacco and alcohol? Especially a certain Chelsea post-00 player who provokes a girl during the epidemic...


But wrong is wrong. 6 U19 players (Tao Qianglong, Peng Hao, He Longhai, Liu Zhurun, Ren Lihao, Han Dong) paid the price of six months of suspension for their actions. Among them, the most famous player was his career debut in 19 , Tao Qianglong, known as "Little Wu Lei". After the fledgling of Hebei China, he came to Dalian this year. Tao Qianglong should have a good time to fulfill his talents and continue to exercise in the national and top leagues, but it was not the epidemic that defeated them, not just the South Korean team, but they themselves.

但是错是错。 6名U19球员(陶强龙,彭浩,何龙海,刘竹润,任立豪,韩栋)为他们的行动支付了六个月的停赛费用。其中,最著名的球员是他的职业生涯首次亮相是19岁的陶强龙,被称为“小吴磊”。刚成长为中国河北之后,他今年来到了大连。陶强龙应该有一个充裕的时间来发挥自己的才能,并继续在国家级和顶级联赛中锻炼,但是击败他们的不是流行病,不仅仅是韩国队,而是他们自己。

In fact, these young players are not without lessons. Shandong Luneng’s young center Guo Tianyu was banned for 6 months by the Chinese Football Association last year. The reason was that he was rude to the leaders and had an improper attitude during the Guozihao training camp. Zhou Junchen of Shanghai Shenhua was also banned for one year for violating team rules for dinner and other reasons.


It’s not that we can’t understand and tolerate young people’s playfulness, and we also don’t encourage them to be completely beaten to death or banned, let alone being cast aside by fans because they’re playful. They don’t have the meaning of rhythm, just being a fan. A Chinese football player felt desperate and sad.


Looking at the national jerseys and red flags on them, and the captain's armband on their arms, I haven't heard how outstanding the abilities of these young players are. On the contrary, off-court factors always attract people's attention. If the waves are shameless and brave, there will only be waves of shamelessness in the end.


Against the background that several National Olympic players have been punished in the past year, we can see that the Chinese Football Association has no tolerance for players who make mistakes, but it does not mean that our national brand management is excellent. On the contrary, the education and guidance work of the managers is not enough, so that the young players do not understand their roles and positioning before they play.


As a profession qualified to represent the country, this is disrespect for his profession and disrespect for the national team jersey. Today's young players often say that their idol is Ronaldo and their style is like Messi, but they just imitate the idols' skills or actions. How many people can see the hard work that idols are idols?


The times have changed. We have increased hardware investment for these players, introduced software support, increased their income, and allowed them to make ch亚搏体育app网页oices more freely. However, none of these can really improve them. They know how to cherish, but they don't know how to be grateful. They think all this is justified.


Football depends on the environment. The reason why Chinese football is not good is that no one wants to enter the football field. It is not only that there is no stadium to play football, and there is no local star who can be an idol, but because there is no healthy football atmosphere. As a result, fewer and fewer people are playing football, wages are getting higher and higher, the level is getting more and more professional, and the attitude is getting less and less professional. This is the vicious circle.


Sun Jihai once said in an interview that the players nowadays are too happy. They already had cars, houses and money before they became famous, so why did they fight and why bother to stay abroad?


Football is not only a hobby or profession, but also a belief. Being young can be an excuse and it should be an excuse. But what really makes people chill is the atmosphere. When those 18 or 19-year-olds do not know how to cherish it. At that time, how do we look forward to a bright future for Chinese football? I hope everyone will do it and cherish it.


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