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亚搏官网app登录:队史最喜爱球员没安东尼?掘金官推晒图引争议 开拓者力挺太暖心
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亚搏官网app登录:队史最喜爱球员没安东尼?掘金官推晒图引争议 开拓者力挺太暖心

On October 17, Beijing time, when the Nuggets' official Twitter interacted with the fans, they posted a picture showing the history of the team and asked the fans, "Who is your favorite player in team history." Surprisingly, there is no Anthony among the five players shown by the Nuggets.


The five players shown on the Nuggets' official Twitter are Jokic, Mutombo, Inglis, Van Exel and Billups. For the other four people, it’s good to say that Billups was originally traded to the Nuggets to assist Anthony. No matter the time or the data, he can't compare with Anthony. But there is no Anthony in the picture. Even if Anthony chose to leave the Nuggets later, he also traded a lot of assets for the team, so the Nuggets officials pushed this behavior, and many fans felt speechless.


As Anthony’s current club and the Nuggets’ opponents in the same district, the Trail Blazers immediately launched a targeted counterattack. They came up with an almost identical picture with the same text, "Who is the team in history? Your favorite player in your mind." And Anthony and Lillard, Roy, Drexler, and Bill Walton appeared on the picture together.


Obviously, the Trail Blazers are completely supporting Anthony, because Anthony has only played for the Trail Blazers for one season. Logically speaking, he should not appear on this list. But for Anthony, regardless of the Blazers fans or the core pair of Lillard and McCollum, they all love him very much. Therefore, some fans joked, "The person in charge of the Blazers official recommendation is Lillard, right?"


Of course, some people may pick up the thorn, saying that Aldridge or McCollum is not included in this picture of the Trail Blazers, and they are also more qualified than Anthony. But the problem is that the Trail Blazers released this picture for the purpose of supporting Anthony, not serious queuing history. It is not necessary to be critical of this kind of heart-warming behavior.


Judging from what the Trail Blazers have done, the possibility of Anthony's contract extension seems very high. Despite recent rumors that the Knicks are considering re-signing Anthony in the offseason, they also want to trade Paul to get them together. But frankly speaking, the Trail Blazers are Anthony’s best choice. After all, when Anthony was desperate last season, the Trail Blazers threw an olive branch at him. This time they are warm and supportive. Such a team is worth Anthony. Do your best for him.


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