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Beijing October 25th Abbe Deschamps


2020-2021 season L2 round 8


In the early morning of October 25th, Beijing time, the 8th round of the French second league kicked off. Auxerre Football Club welcomes Chambly, who is ranked 18th in the French Second Division, at the Abbe Deschamps Stadium. A few days ago, Auxerre's legendary goalkeeper Bruno Martini passed away. To pay tribute to Mr. Martini, the whole team wore a black jersey with "Remember Bruno" before the game. With the blessing of the black jerseys, Auxerre’s soldiers worked together and fired in this game, and finally relied on Michael Le Bian’s hat trick and the icing on the cake by Remy Duguimont in the first half. Take advantage of the opponent 4-0 with the momentum of destruction.

北京时间10月25日凌晨,法国第二联赛第八轮开始。欧塞尔足球俱乐部在阿贝·德尚体育场(Abbe Deschamps Stadium)迎接法国第二分区第18名的尚布利。几天前,欧塞尔的传奇门将布鲁诺·马蒂尼(Bruno Martini)去世了。为了向马蒂尼(Martini)致敬,整支球队在比赛前都穿着黑色球衣,并带有“ Remember Bruno”字样。凭借着黑色球衣的祝福,欧塞尔的士兵们齐心协力并开火射击,最终依靠迈克尔·勒比安(Michael Le Bian)的帽子戏法和上半年雷米·杜吉蒙(Remy Duguimont)的锦上添花。以毁灭的势头利用对手4-0的优势。

The coach of this game Jean-Marc Forlan once again presented the team’s handy 4141 formation. Facing Chambly, whose strength on paper is weaker than his own, Forlan replaced two starters from the previous round and replaced Ah Mza Saki and Gautier Hein strengthen the team's frontcourt advancement and organizational capabilities.

这场比赛的教练让·马克·福兰(Jean-Marc Forlan)再次介绍了球队方便的4141阵型。面对尚布利,他的书面实力不强于他,弗兰替换了上一轮的两名首发球员,并取代了阿姆扎·萨基和高铁·海因,从而增强了球队的前场发展能力和组织能力。

At the beginning of the game, Auxerre showed a stronger suppressive force. The continuous high pressure and rapid transmission of the frontcourt made Chambly's defense line exhausted from the begi亚搏官网app登录nning. The 4141 formation gives Auxerre a firm hold of the ball in the opponent's half, which also frees the team's two full-backs, giving the side corridors more advancement and wing. Chance to pass. Under Auxerre's torrential rain, Chambly finally couldn't stand it. In the 16th minute of the game, Auxerre got a left corner kick. Amza Sacchi took the ball over the fingertips of the striker. Michael Lebion leaped high and scored with a hammer. Auxerre 1-0 made a fantastic start.

在游戏开始时,欧塞尔表现出更强的压制力。前场球场持续不断的高压和快速传递,使香布利的防线从一开始就疲惫不堪。 4141阵型使欧塞尔在对手半场中牢牢抓住了球,这也释放了球队的两个后卫,使侧走廊更具前锋和侧翼。有机会通过。在欧塞尔(Auxerre)的倾盆大雨下,香布(Chambly)最终受不了。在比赛的第16分钟,欧​​塞尔获得了左脚任意球。 Amza Sacchi将球传到了前锋的指尖。迈克尔·莱比恩(Michael Lebion)高高跳起,用锤子得分。欧塞尔1-0开局出色。

After 2 minutes, Sacchi scored the ball in the middle and divided the ball to the unmarked Hein on the right. The latter took the ball into the penalty area and flashed an angle to the goal. The ball hit the Chambly defender and refracted to the goal, ambushing Remy Duguimont, who was at the back point, scored an end shot, 2-0! Auxerre gradually expanded its lead.

2分钟后,萨基中场得分,将球分散到右侧没有标记的海因。后者将球带入罚球区,并向球门射出一个角度。皮球击中了尚布利的后卫,并射入球门,伏击在后点的雷米·杜吉蒙(Remy Duguimont)最终得分为2-0!欧塞尔逐渐扩大了其领先地位。

Auxerre, who led by 2 goals, had high morale. In the 28th minute of the game, Remy Du Guimont made a spiritual pass after attracting the defense on the right. Sacchi caught up and made a pass. Le Bion regained his killer qualities. He ran at high speed and jumped to the header. The goalkeeper could only helplessly witness the ball hit the net once again. Michael Le Bion’s score twice also completely ignited the passion of the home fans, and the fans began to cheer.

由2个进球带领的欧塞尔士气高昂。在比赛的第28分钟,雷米·杜·吉蒙(Remy Du Guimont)吸引了右边的防守球员,并通过了一次精神突破。萨基追上并通过。勒比昂重获杀手的气质。他高速奔跑,跳到了头球。守门员只能无奈地目睹球再次击中球网。迈克尔·勒比昂(Michael Le Bion)的得分两次也完全点燃了主场球迷的激情,并且球迷们开始欢呼起来。

Easy side to fight again, the Abe Deschamps Stadium once again sounded the home team's offensive horn. Just three minutes into the second half of the game, Sacchi used a scalpel-like through ball to penetrate Chambly's defense. After Le Bion got the ball, he went to the meeting and broke the net with a low shot. Auxerre is on the brink, leading Chambly 4-0.


In the 79th minute of the game, the Chambly player made a heavy kick from the periphery of the penalty area, and goalkeeper Leon reacted quickly to knock out the ball. Two minutes later, Auxerre got a chance to counterattack. After three passes in the front field, 亚搏官网app登录Kevin Ford met through to find Yannis Berglavy, who was unmarked on the left, but the latter was beaten by Chambly. The goalkeeper saves. Immediately after the 85th minute, the Auxerre player flew a header in the Chambly penalty area to cross the air relay, the ball came to the left penalty area again, and Bergavi made a non-stop end shot slightly higher than the crossbar. After that, the two sides did nothing, and the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game.

在比赛的第79分钟,Chambly球员从禁区外围踢出一记重拳,而门将Leon迅速做出反应将球击出。两分钟后,欧塞尔获得了一次反击的机会。在前场经过3次传球后,凯文·福特遇到了发现尼斯·伯格拉维(Yannis Berglavy)的人,后者没有被标记在左边,但后者被钱伯利(Chambly)击败。守门员扑救。第85分钟后,欧塞尔球员立即在香布利罚球区飞出头球,越过空中接力球,球再次到达左侧罚球区,而贝加维的不停射门命中率稍高于横杆。此后,双方没有采取任何行动,裁判在比赛结束时吹响了哨子。

Throughout the game, goalkeeper Leon and head forward Le Bion performed as well as ever, and the latter dominated the scorer list with 7 goals after a hat-trick in this game. The team occupies nearly 70% of the ball possession advantage in this game, and through personnel rotation and formation adjustment, it has successfully solved the problem of winning and not scoring in the previous game. While adhering to the ball control style, it can take advantage of the rich frontcourt. The offensive changes hit the opponent's weak links sharply. This vigorous victory also allowed Auxerre to cling to the top six in terms of points. I also hope that the team can continue to stick to the resumption summary after tonight’s victory, guard against arrogance and impetuosity, and take advantage of the momentum of three consecutive victories at home. Take advantage of the situation to pursue and forge ahead.

在整场比赛中,守门员莱昂(Leon)和前锋勒比昂(Le Bion)的表现一如既往,后者在帽子戏法之后以7个进球占据了得分手名单。在这场比赛中,球队占据了控球权近70%的优势,并且通过人员轮换和编队调整,成功解决了前一场比赛中获胜和不得分的问题。在坚持控球风格的同时,它可以利用丰富的前场优势。进攻性变化急剧打击了对手的薄弱环节。这次有力的胜利也使欧塞尔在积分上排在前六位。我也希望车队能在今晚的胜利后继续坚持复赛总结,防止狂妄和浮躁,并利用本国连续三场胜利的势头。抓住形势,勇往直前。

Donovan Leon / Karen arcus, Jubal Rocha, Alexander coef, Quentin benar (53 'Kenji Wan boto) / bilama Toure / Gautier Hein (73' Axel Ngondo)), Mattias Autre (65 'Ali NDOM), amza saki, Remy dugimon (65' Kevin fotner) / micale Le Le Bion (73 'Yanis begravi)

多诺万·莱昂/卡伦·阿库斯,朱巴尔·罗莎,亚历山大·科夫,昆汀·贝纳(53'肯吉·万博托)/比拉马·杜尔/高铁·海因(73'阿克塞尔·恩贡多)),马蒂亚斯·其他(65'阿里NDOM),阿姆扎·萨基,雷米·杜吉蒙( 65'凯文·福特纳(Kevin fotner)/麦卡莱勒比昂(73'Yanis begravi)

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