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【亚搏体育app网页】本周全球赛场战靴一览 2020/10/6
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【亚搏体育app网页】本周全球赛场战靴一览 2020/10/6

It's a new week. Although it's still in the National Day holiday, the boots are not holiday at a glance. Let's take a look at the notable sneakers last week!


Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) Nike Mercurial Dream Speed ​​3

克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(尤文图斯)Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 3

Nike officially released the third product of the Dream Speed ​​series last week. It is still endorsed by Ronaldo, Mbappe, and Sam Kerr. Ronaldo also used this new color scheme in training. Yesterday, Juventus and Juventus We could have seen this pair of shoes in the Naples game, but a dramatic scene happened in the game.

耐克上周正式发布了Dream Speed系亚搏体育app网页列的第三款产品。罗纳尔多(Ronaldo),姆巴佩(Mbappe)和萨姆·克尔(Sam Kerr)仍然认可它。罗纳尔多还在训练中使用了这种新的配色方案。昨天,尤文图斯和尤文图斯在那不勒斯比赛中本可以看到这双鞋,但比赛中发生了戏剧性的场面。

Suso (Sevilla) PUMA test shoes


Since Brandon Williams got on the feet, we seem to see more and more players getting on the PUMA new generation Future test shoes. Suso is different from Williams, he has a pair of shoes with laces on his feet. Version, so did Brandon Williams’ laceless version remove the laces by himself?

自从布兰登·威廉姆斯站起来以来,我们似乎看到越来越多的球员穿着PUMA新一代Future测试鞋。 Suso与Williams不同,他有一双脚上系着鞋带的鞋子。版本,那么布兰登·威廉姆斯(Brandon Williams)的无鞋带版本会自己删除鞋带吗?

Alexander Arnold (Liverpool) Under Armour Clone Magnetico

亚历山大·阿诺德(利物浦)Under Armour Clone Magnetico

The arrival of October also means the arrival of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the football stadium is always closely related to this sport, in order to raise awareness and fight the disease. Arnold put on a pair of pink Under Armour Clone Magnetico. "Breast cancer" color matching is also an old tradition of UA. Compared with the score of that game, we hope people can remember the meaning behind this pair of sneakers.

10月的到来也意味着乳腺癌宣传月的到来,而足球场始终与这项运动密切相关,以提高人们的意识并与疾病作斗争。阿诺德穿上亚搏官网app登录了一双粉红色的Under Armour Clone Magnetico。 “乳腺癌”配色也是UA的古老传统。与该游戏的得分相比,我们希望人们能记住这双运动鞋的含义。

Lyle Taylor (Nottingham Forest) Nike Mercurial Superfly Mbappe Rosa

莱尔·泰勒(诺丁汉森林)Nike Mercurial Superfly Mbappe Rosa

Although Mbappé’s exclusive sneakers were not created for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, pink is undoubtedly the main color of this event. In the game between Notting Hill Forest and Bristol City, Lyle Taylor put on the pink Mercurial Superfly Mbappe Rosa, and these shoes matched his pink hair perfectly.

尽管Mbappé的独家运动鞋并非是在“乳腺癌宣传月”上制作的,但粉色无疑是本次活动的主要颜色。在诺丁山森林和布里斯托尔市之间的比赛中,莱尔·泰勒(Lyle Taylor)穿上了粉红色的Mercurial Superfly Mbappe Rosa,这双鞋完美地匹配了他的粉红色头发。

Merant Niles (Arsenal) Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Legend II

Merant Niles(阿森纳)Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Legend II

Melant Niles prefers a variety of classic sneakers. He is also a frequent visitor to our sneakers. Previously, he used to wear a pair of blue and white Adidas COPA 20.1, but in the recent game he changed to a platinum The color matching Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Legend II is a wonderful combination of young teenagers with classic old shoes.

Melant Niles喜欢各种经典运动鞋。他还是我们运动鞋的常客。以前,他曾经穿过蓝色和白色的Adidas COPA 20.1,但在最近的比赛中,他换成了白金。配色的Nike Air Zoom Tiempo Legend II是青少年与经典旧鞋的完美结合。

Campania (Levante) PUMA King Platinum

坎帕尼亚(Levante)PUMA King Platinum

It seems that Neymar's joining has brought heat to King, and Levante's Campania wore an almost pure black King Platinum.

似乎内马尔的加盟为King带来了热情,而Levante的Campania穿着几乎纯净的黑色King Platinum。

De Bruyne (Manchester City) Nike Phantom GT

德布鲁因(曼彻斯特城)Nike Phantom GT

De Bruyne showed us the Nike By You customization service. He customized a pair of white and sky blue Phantom GT, but it seems that these shoes are more compatible with the home jersey.

De Bruyne向我们展示了Nike By You定制服务。他定制了一双白色和天蓝色的Phantom GT,但看来这双鞋与主球衣更加兼容。

Hernandez (Los Angeles Galaxy) adidas Nemeziz 19.1 Messi

埃尔南德斯(洛杉矶银河)adidas Nemeziz 19.1 Messi

The American League is also our observation object. Hernandez of Los Angeles Galaxy put on a pair of adidas Nemeziz 19.1 Messi, but they lost 1-3 to the Seattle Gulfers in this game.

美国联盟也是我们的观察对象。洛杉矶银河队的埃尔南德斯穿上了一双adidas Nemeziz 19.1 Messi,但在这场比赛中他们输给了西雅图海湾人队1-3。

Lacazette (Arsenal) Nike Mercurial Vapor x Jordan x PSG

拉卡泽特(阿森纳)Nike Mercurial Vapor x Jordan x PSG

Turning to the Arsenal training ground, although Lacazette’s feet are mainly black sneakers, this does not conceal the brilliance of these sneakers. This is the Mercurial Vapor x Jordan x PSG launched in 2018, football and basketball Cross-border cooperation.

回到阿森纳的训练场,虽然拉卡泽特的脚主要是黑色运动鞋,但这并不能掩盖这些运动鞋的光彩。这是Mercurial Vapor x Jordan x PSG于2018年推出的足球和篮球跨界合作。

Elliott (Liverpool) Nike Mercurial Vapor XIII Tech Craft

埃利奥特(利物浦)Nike Mercurial Vapor XIII Tech Craft

Before Nike launched the new Tech Craft (Technology ingenuity), Elliott chose this pair of kangaroo leather version Mercurial Vapor XIII in training.

在耐亚搏官网app登录克推出新的Tech Craft(技术独创)之前,埃利奥特在训练中选择了这双袋鼠皮革版本Mercurial Vapor XIII。

John Barkley (Blackburn) Nike Magista

约翰·巴克利(布莱克本)Nike Magista

Blackburn and Cardiff City drew 1-1 last week. Of course, we are not focusing on Tomlin's red card. Obviously, the ghost card on the foot of Barrick, who came off the bench, is more noteworthy.


Wilshire (West Ham United) adidas Predator Mutator 20.1

威尔希尔(西汉姆联)adidas Predator Mutator 20.1

Wilshere’s sneakers are very interesting. At first glance, this is just the Predator Mutator 20.1 in the'Inflight Pack' suit. However, if you look closely at the vamp, it becomes very smooth, and there is a feeling that a falcon becomes a vulture. Then these shoes are him. Is the customized special version smoothed out by yourself?


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